Monster Hunter World Stygian Zinogre Strategy Guide

Learn how to deal with the latest DLC monster added in Monster Hunter World, the ferocious Stygian Zinogre with this strategy guide

Stygian Zinogre, the latest DLC monster for Monster Hunter World, has been released! A subspecies of the powerful Thunder Wolf, this creature has ludicrous power. If you are going to fight this beast, best to go prepared with our Monster Hunter World Stygian Zinogre Strategy guide.

Monster Hunter World Stygian Zinogre

Sporting abilities that work perfectly in tandem, Stygian Zinogre not a creature you can easily take down; in fact, he may prove to be a bit too much.

Hence why we’ve prepared this guide to alleviate the burden of beating this creature on your own, and to give you all the tips you’ll need to toss this creature to the ground and claim dominance!

Stygian Zinogre Powers

To be able to defeat one’s enemy, you must first learn everything that is to know about said enemy.

The salient point is to know that the Stygian Zinogre sports Dragon-based attacks, and is capable of inflicting Dragonblight status effect.

You’ll need to know how to counter them if you wish to topple this giant.

Various kinds of armor are actually resistant to Dragon-based attacks, while certain sets of armor are vulnerable to it.

You’ll need to pick the appropriate one before heading into battle with this monster. However, that’s not what you should be worried about – Dragonblight is what’s actually troublesome.

Dragonblight has the effect of negating all elemental and status effects of YOUR attacks. If you get hit with Dragonblight, you won’t be able to use most of your repertoire.

So if you have a weapon that inflicts fire damage, then that weapon will only deal raw, blunt damage. This can prove to be your downfall.

There are, of course, ways around this. For example, you can choose to equip weapons that don’t cause elemental damage or have status effects.

Shara Ishvalda weapons would work splendidly, primarily because they deal a great amount of raw damage. You can slot in the Non-Elemental Boost skill for even more potency.

Consequently, you can attempt to remove Dragonblight entirely from the equation. This can be done with the aid of the Dragonproof Mantle (an item you obtain from the ‘Food Chain Dominator’ mission). This elemental mantle has the effect of removing Dragonblight if you’re afflicted with it.

Actually, you can achieve the same result from consuming a Nullberry, or a Thunderblight.

The same goes for the Cleanser Booster. This tool gives its user the ability to nullify almost all status effects and ailments inflicted on them. It you can be upgraded at Master Rank 4 by completing the quest named ‘Poison and Paralysis Pinch.’ It will also work to your advantage if your armor has 20 Dragon Resistance built into it.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to deal with Stygian Zinogre’s most cumbersome abilities.

Stygian Zingore Weaknesses

As has been the case before, the Stygian Zinogre is surprisingly weak to Thunder-based attacks.

It will try to negate such attacks with Dragonblight, but don’t give it even an inch! Use the Thunder-based attacks to inflict as much damage as possible!

The 20 Dragon Resistance mentioned earlier will work to aid you in this endeavor. The Namielle Divinity Set will aid you immensely, as it boosts elemental damage significantly.

Some pieces of the armor also come with Blight Resistance by default. These armor sets work perfectly against the Stygian Zinogre.

The Stygian Zinogre does have certain weak points. Its head, for instance, is susceptible to blunt damage, can be severed, or you can unload as much ammo into it as you can – all of this will deal a tremendous amount of damage.

Likewise, its forelimbs are vulnerable to the same attacks as the head.

In fact, we recommend only going for its forelimbs, as once they’re broken, the monster will topple over.

You’ll be given an opportunity to either recover or go in for the offensive!

Its back may seem like its Achilles’ heel, but it’s really not; you’ll deal chip damage if you aim for its back, so it’s not worth doing.

Stygian Zinogre Moves

The monster has a set of attacks that it cycles through, each one potentially devastating.

Paw Swipes: The creature will swipe its paws at you when you’re close. You’ll need to dodge out of the way to not get maimed.

Somersault Tail Swipe: The creature will spin around and attempt to hit you with its large, tendril like tail; you’ll need to roll back if you want to avoid it.

Somersault Back Attack: The monster will strike you with its paws and then spin around before jumping. It will try to land on top of you while facing towards the sky. To dodge this attack, simply roll away

Dragon Lightning: Stygian will call forth bursts of red lightning. This attack has a large area of effect, and if you see the creature preparing to unleash it, you’ll need to get as far away from the monster as possible. Once enraged, the streaks of lightning will appear 3 times; you’ll need to dodge vertically to avoid getting hit. As long as you can see where the bolts are about to strike you should be able to harmlessly weave between them.

Dragon Lightning Bug: The monster will release swirls of Dracophage bugs which deal damage and inflict Dragonblight. You’ll need to stay far away from the bugs to avoid being inflicted with Dragonblight.

Jump Attack, followed with Torpedo Strike: The creature will jump up and attempt to strike you with its paws – twice – and will subsequently torpedo forward in a last ditch effort to hit you. The torpedo attack moves in a straight line, so simply roll out of the way to avoid it.


Now that you understand just what the creature has up its proverbial sleeve, it’s time we let you in on all the little secrets that will help you cinch this bad boy.

As you’ve read, the monster has several physical attacks that can be quite devastating if they connect. It will be to your advantage if you remain to the side of the Stygian, being in the prime position to dodge or roll out of the way if it chooses to attack.

If you do manage to knock Stygian Zinogre, you can also harvest crafting materials from it while it’s still conscious.

All you need to do is equip your capture net and shoot it into Stygian’s back while it’s staggered.

You can use Flash Pods to negate the charge-up animations of the monster; this has the effect of delaying its Dragon-based attacks, and giving you the perfect opportunity to get a few, decisive hits in.

When the Stygian Zinogre is charged, it will become more vulnerable to the Thunder element. Remember to equip a Thunder element weapon before you start this fight.

The Stygian Zinogre will constantly be trying to attack you throughout the fight, not giving you a single second to breathe. Because of this, you’ll have to use the Clutch Claw and Flinch Shot the monster into walls to defeat it.

As for weapons, it will work to your advantage if you have weapons that are Thunder or Blast in nature. Likewise, a Water-based weapon will be mighty useful, especially when the Stygian Zinogre is charged.

As mentioned earlier, anything that can give you Dragon Resistance will work immensely in your favor.

Similarly, you’ll want Stun Resistance – several of Stygian Zinogre’s attacks have the effect of stunning you for a prolonged period of time; you’ll want to mitigate those effects.

We also recommend you bring along a pair of earplugs. The monster’s roars can be deafening (stun effect) and you’ll need some protection against it.

As for armor, a Dragonproof Mantle, as mentioned before, will be the most useful. Alongside this, a Temporal Mantle (protection against deadly attacks), Evasion Mantle (to extend the period of invulnerability while you’re evading), and a Rocksteady Mantle (Decreases damage from attacks and partially nullifies scream, wind, & tremor effects) are also recommended.

There you have it! Everything you need to know for engaging the Stygian Zinogre in MHW. All the equipment, skills and techniques you’ll need to employ to bring the hulking beast down are all available to you in this guide!

Make sure to have this guide open when you’re dealing with the monster.