Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tempered Azure Mane Farming Guide

Unlike The Tempered Azure Scale or Tempered Crownhorn, the Azure Mane is a rare MHW monster part that drops upon defeating a monster and is available only when you have access to Guiding Lands in Iceborne. We have prepared a handy Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tempered Azure Mane Farming guide to help you for this material.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tempered Azure Mane Farming

The Tempered Azure Mane could come in handy for creating slot and affinity augments on certain weapons or just  for finishing the Handcraft Charm 4 and Challenge Charm 4.

The farming of tempered azure mane is rather specific when it comes to hunting a beast for it so in the following guide we will go through all you must know in other to farm this rare MHW item!

Once you have access to the Guiding Lands in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, you only have to look for tempered monsters, more specifically a tempered Lunastra.

Upon finding the Tempered Lunastra, lure it in, you can farm the Tempered Azure Mane it drops that is just like Shiny candies. These will then also appear in your quest rewards when you report to the handler.

Useful tips

Thanks to a unreasonable fact you can double the farming by equipping level one of geologist skill which even though basically doubles the material farmed from Bonepiles but we know that the Tempered Azure Mane does not drop in Bonepiles, nevertheless by equipping the Geologist skill you can double the Tempered Azure Mane farming in the field.

The trick to produce more Tempered Azure Mane from the monster is quite simple! You only have to slam the creature into solid objects like stones and walls. Which you can do by using your Cluster Claw to latch onto the monsters face and then toss them into one of the object!

Do make sure you have the Slingshot Ammo ready to fire. As soon as the monster stumbles towards the object shoot the slingshot at them to finally have them hitting the object and dropping the materials!

This trick can be done three times only if the monster in not in enraged state! If that is the case then you will have to wait to let it calm down.

You must also raise the Guiding Lands Wildspire Region to level 7 for the Lunastra to appear upon using the bait. You could have collected the bait by breaking other monster part! Just go to the handler to get the bait but make sure it’s a Tempered Lunastra bait though so that the monster you lure in is the one you’re looking for.

Hoping that you find this guide quite useful and end up farming the rare item all of the MHW players are looking forward to!

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