Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Endgame Guide – Unlocking Guiding Lands, Defeating Endgame Monsters

This guide contains all the activities you can take part in as part of Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion endgame after defeating the final boss.

This is a complete guide that explains what endgame activities you can engage yourself into once you’re done with the main story quest for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne. This includes the Guiding Lands that contains monsters and certain materials that you will need to upgrade your weapons and to add numerous augmentations.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Endgame

The first thing that you need to do is to unlock the Guiding Lands. You will gain access to this area once you beat Shara Ishvalda, who’s an elder dragon and the final boss.

Once you’re done with the main story and the credits have rolled, speak to the First Team Leader in Seliana and you’ll head to Elder’s Recess in search of Ruiner Nergigante.

Although this would be a joke and after a cutscene, you’ll reach Guiding Lands with multiple biomes at the place.

The Initial Exploration

A handler will guide you through the area once you pick up “Signs of a Turf War”, which will be right in front of you.

After this, you’ll get a cutscene once you reach Area 2. Here you reach an area with Diablos, Rathalos and Zinogre who’s a new monster, are to battle it out.

Do note that you will not be allowed to fight Zinogre until you complete your first track. Once you’re done with this, you can now choose to get to Guiding Lands using the Quest Board or the world map.

Leveling Up

View your map to check out your progress levels. You can achieve progress by capturing or killing monsters, breaking parts of monsters, experiencing turf wars, using traps on monsters, collecting tracks.

Do note that if you’re leveling up one area, the Level of the other area might inconsistently drop. Once you unlock Guiding Lands, all regions will have a Level cap of four, which you can remove by completing the following quests:

Sleep Now in the Fire Will unlock at MR49 and it will remove the MR cap. It also raises the Level limit of Guiding Lands to five.
Big Burly Bash Will unlock at MR69 and it will remove the MR cap. It also raises the Level limit of Guiding Lands to six.
To the Very Ends with You Will unlock at MR99 and it will remove the MR cap. It also raises the Level limit of Guiding Lands to seven, which is the maximum level.


Each area between Level 1 and 4 will have a specific monster for it. Higher levels will mean stronger monsters. Pukei-Pukei, Jagras, etc. at the Ancient Forest, Legiana, Paolumu, etc. at the Coral Highlands.

Tempered Monsters will appear at Level 4 while Elder Dragons at Level 5, and Tempered Elder Dragons at Level 7.

New Monsters

Zinogre You can fight this monster once you complete your first special track.
Yian Garuga You will get an assigned quest for him once you reach Level 3 on the Ancient Forest.
Scarred Yian Garuga Appears in the Ancient Forest at Level 6. (Just the Tempered Form)
Gold Rathian Appears in Wildspire Waste Region at Level 6.
Silver Rathalos Appears in Coral Highlands Region at Level 6.
Brute Tigrex Appears in Rotten Vale Region at Level 6

Encountering these monsters will also get you the investigating ability for them.

Special Tracks

You will have to collect special tracks in Guiding Lands. The special tracks have separate progress bars on the top-right corner of your screen.

The bar will also tell you about the type of monster. You will initially get your first track without having to do anything. If you defeat a tempered monster, you will get a full progress bar for special tracks.

Searching for and experiencing a turf war guarantees your progress for your special track progress bar, or it simply gets you a new one, depending on the type of the monster.

New Special Tracks
You can get new tracks in Guiding Lands by breaking monster parts, killing or capturing monsters, collecting tracks, looting bone piles and mining.

Although you’d rarely get a new track bar by one of these methods, it can still happen.

Filling those Track Bars
Each progress bar has three to six dots that end with the symbol of a claw.

A bar is for specific types of monsters, so go ahead and break, slay and capture some of those monsters. Each of these actions will grant you a point for progress bars associated with the subject monster type.

Killing a tempered monster will grant you a full bar. You will unlock a monster once you fulfill a bar.

Unlocking a Monster

A new monster is unlocked after one of your special track progress bars is filled.

Once unlocked, the monster’s name will appear on the right side of your screen, head to the handler and get her to lure the monster out, which will make the monster appear on the map.

Once filled, the bar can only be used once, so make sure do not return from the expedition once you’ve called the monster or else it will disappear when you return to Guiding Lands, and you won’t be able to call it again.

By using a filled track, you can only lure a monster once. You will have to collect special tracks all over again to fill the track bar and get another monster lured.

Unique Monsters only spawn in an area once you Level it up to six.

Do note that bringing an area to Level seven spawns Tempered Elder Dragons, which are the hardest to face. So focus on reaching the Master Rank 99 before you Level each one of the four areas of Guiding Lands.

Better Weapons and Gear
Once you’re done with the story quests, you can now optimize your loadout, and hunt monsters to get better weapons and armor, making you able to hunt a lot quicker and stronger.

Learning Newer Weapons
Since it was harder to learn new weapons while facing a lot of quests, now you can focus on learning your newer weapons and mastering them.

You’re also limited to using only four types of weapons in arena quests, thus you will be forced to hunt monsters with these weapons only – which is also a good way of learning new weapons!

During the end-game, you can collect all sorts of trophies and complete them.

Collecting Decorations
Farm for better decorations to optimize your loadout, even more, go ahead and keep hunting so that you get jewels that you fancy!

In-Game Events
These give you a lot of rewards like Palico gear, layered armor, and Hunter equipment. Go ahead and participate in these events to benefit from these rewards.

The Endemic Life and Animals
You can capture endemic animals in the game and keep them as your pets or place them in your room, after the main quests, you will have a lot of time to do this.

These are all the activities you should partake during the endgame of Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion.

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