Monster Hunter World Beef is Never a Mi-steak Event Quest Guide

This is a new time-limited event quest in celebration of the New Year anniversary of MHW.  This guide takes you through this Monster Hunter World Beef is Never a Mi-steak Event Quest.

This is just a small gesture of thanks from the developers to the players/hunters as this quest rewards players with the ability to craft their own Well-Done Hammer.

Monster Hunter World Beef is Never a Mi-steak Event Quest

The MHW Beef is Never a Mi-steak quest is available until 23rd February 2020 but if you still miss out, it may be available again as a part of some other seasonal event.

The quest isn’t so difficult in itself, you are to take on an Ebony Odogaron and a Glavenus in a single hunt across the Wildspire Waste. This is not a hard combination to go up against.

One of these Monsters will drop a Meaty Canteen Ticket, this is the main ingredient needed to craft the Hammer.

The initial base variant of the hammer only needs two tickets, and you need third to upgrade it into the Rarity 11 Juicy Well-done Hammer.

There is a catch though, the hammer requires some other materials that are only found in the Guiding Lands, and this means that new hunters and even mid-game hunters won’t be able to craft this weapon until they progress further into the game.

So you need to do this mission a minimum of three times to get your tickets, the Juicy Meat Hammer does not have any special stats that you can take advantage of, but it has decent base damage 1612 points and a low fire damage of 210 points.

This is more of a novelty weapon that you get to add to your collection proving how great of a Hunter you are.

Boss Tips

Ebony Odogaron is a pretty dangerous dragon, you have to watch out for its attacks as they will cause players to get Dragonblight and Bleeding and its base damage type is Dragon.

It also has an enrage mode, where it protracts its second set of claws, and also attains greatly increased speed. So watch out for that.

It has a strong weakness to water, so bring any water-based damage items you might have, it is also weak to fire, ice, and thunder as well, but water damage is most effective. It is not resistant to anything, so you are free to attack it how you will.

Glavenus is a Brute Wyvern species of monster, its base damage Fire damage and inflicts Fireblight. It is resistant to fire. And in its enraged mode it sparks its tail to light and inflicts Fireblight while fighting this monster be careful as it often uses its tail to attack.

It also blasts fireballs at you, watch out for this attack as its throat starts to glow before it. Make sure to pack the Vitality Mantle to negate some damage and the fireproof mantle to negate some of the Fireblight.

Also, use your claw shot and keep your slinger stocked to knock it down whenever you can.

This monster has a weakness to water type damage, also to ice and Dragon damage but water works best. So bring any water damage based weapons that you might have.

And there you have it folks! Go and get your hands on your new hammer before the time run out.

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