Monster Hunter World Iceborne Wildspire Waste Treasure Locations

Check out our guide to find all the treasure locations spread across the Wildspire Waste area in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

If you are playing through Monster Hunter World, you will have undoubtedly come across treasures across the various maps or met up with the indigenous factions of Grimalkynes. These treasures, of where there are 10 across every map, go towards improving your reputation and earning you trophies for completion. In this guide, we will focus on treasure locations in Wildspire Waste as you journey through Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Iceborne Wildspire Waste Treasure Locations

In order to start hunting for treasure in a location, you need to be level 6 with the faction of the area. For Wildspire Waste, the faction you need to focus on are the Protectors. Hitting level 6 unity with them will get you their palico gadget and allow you to summon them to help with these treasure hunts.

Treasure #1
Just go to the area with sand curtains directly from pawswap. This is the place where Diablos takes his naps, here you will find first treasure.

Treasure #2
You will find this treasure in area 6 in a hollow tree.

Treasure #3
This one will be on a small ledge in area 10, just before going down to Jyuratodus’ lair.

Treasure #4
For this one, you can either go to the southmost cactus at the border of area1 and 4 or you can just solve the riddle.

Treasure #5
This treasure will be at the Barroths lair in area 9, at the southeast bones.

Treasure #6
In area 8, in the northeast corner next to some stones you will find this treasure. It is the same sand dunes area where you fight Lunastra, Teostra and some others.

Treasure #7
This one will be in area 5, just head towards the tunnels and up the vines.

Treasure #8
The first hint of this treasure will be in area 12, where you drop from the ledge to the side with paintings on the wall. Now just climb the ledge again and drop on the other side for the next hint.

This hint will lead you to area 7, the treasure will be at the place where you fight several bog monsters and a place with Gajalakas and Cactuar.

Treasure #9
The first hint will be in area 1, just head east and then down from the small pond. You will get the second hint at the very west of area 2. Just look for a broken tree there.

The treasure will be very close to that broken tree. You will see 2 paths from there, just take the right one and check beehive for the treasure.

Treasure #10
You can go to the stone pile in the middle of area 6 on the higher ledge or you can just solve a riddle at your map. The treasure will be found in the tunnel in area 11 that leads to area 12. You will find the treasure in the plant.