Monster Hunter Rise Beginners Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Beginners Tips guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started with MHR if you’re playing it for the first time.

This Monster Hunter Rise Beginners guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started with MHR if you’re playing the game for the first time.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginners Guide

Monster Hunter Rise being a fairly simple game for those who know their way around this genre, can be a little tricky for the new players.

Below are a few tips and tactics to help you get started if you’re new to the game.

Yamogi’s Tea Shop

Located in Kamura village is a small tea shop that is run by Yamogi and serves Dango.

Dangos will pump up your stats, and this will help you in battles or elsewhere in the game.

This, however, is not the best part about this tea shop. You can combine up to three different kinds of Dango to bring a little diversity into your stats.

It might take you a few visits to the shop to find the perfect combination that suits your playstyle, but when you do, you can save it.

This way, you won’t have to search for the same Dangos all over again and, hence, save time. More Dangos will unlock as you play through the game.

The Travelling Merchant

Kagero is a traveling merchant who has a shop in Kamura village. Kagero has everything you need for crafting materials.

If you have some money at hand and you’re looking forward to buying the required ingredients instead of searching for them, then Kagero’s shop is the one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Buddy Plaza

The gameplay seems incomplete without hiring a buddy companion. Buddies could be hired from the Buddy Plaza.

There is a whole range of new Palamutes available in Monster Hunter Rise, and the best part about them is that you can also ride them.

This is an interesting new development in the game mechanics of the recent title as compared to previous Monster Hunter Titles.

You can also put together a custom team of buddy companions of your choice as well as hire some very experienced Canines and Felines.

If you feel like you don’t have a lot of choices while picking a companion, then go ahead and complete a few quests at the buddy dojo to unlock a few more.

Furthermore, if you hire more buddies than required, they’ll be added to the reserved list.

Also, buddies who are on standby can be sent in search of materials. All of your buddy companions that you’ve hired can be configured from the Buddy Board.

Game Modes

The game could be played online with players across the world or offline and co-op with your local friends.

Both of these modes have their own set of quests, and to switch between the two while in the game, you need to speak with Senri the Mailman.

Nintendo E-shop is also accessed through Senri while in the game.


Quests are given to you by Minoto. There’ll be different quests available in offline and online modes.

While on the quests, you can interact with the wildlife and plants. This will give you plenty of useful items.

The only way to learn and figure out what does what, you have to interact with every endemic wildlife. Once you’ve collected them, don’t forget to use them in battles.

Difference between Village and Hub Quests

There are two approaches that you can take in Monster Hunter Rise in completing quests. Both of the approaches differ from one another and have different ranking progress.

The Village quests are single-player quests that can only be played on your own. These quests are Story missions that contribute to the campaign of the game.

The Hub quests, on the other hand, are multiplayer missions that you can play with your friends. However, you can also complete these missions on your own.

There are other Key Quests that you can complete to unlock an Urgent Quest. Make sure you complete the Urgent Quest to get a huge bump to your Hunter Rank.

Focus on both of the quests to progress your Hunter Rank, instead of completing only one of them.

Complete Special License Test Quest

An easier method to quickly level up your Hub Rank without completing Hub Quests is to complete the Special License Test quest. You will unlock the Special License Test quest after reaching Hunter Rank 4.

You can only unlock the Special License Test quest if your Village Rank is higher than your Hub Rank


This is one of the new skills introduced to Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll usually get two charges for this ability.

Even though they refill over time, if you’re looking forward to using it beyond two charges, then you can search for items that increase those charges to three.

The Wirebug can also be used to explore hard-to-reach areas.

The Monsters

How can we complete this guide without talking about the sole thing that this game revolves around, fighting monsters! You’ll be fighting these monsters out in the open as well as inside caves.

While in the caves, you have to be vigilant as there could be monsters sticking on the roof above you. And it isn’t necessary that you’ll have to face a single monster at a time. There could be multiple monsters charging at you from all directions.

When there are multiple monsters in the region, you can turn them towards each other using Wyvern Riding and enjoy the show. Once they have been defeated, they can also be ridden by you using Silk Bind attack or Puppet Spider.

Once the monsters have been defeated, their body parts can be harvested.

You can also practice fighting the monsters in the training area that has quite a lot of configurable options to help you pick a fight best suited to your skill level.

Once you’ve done proper practice, make sure you prepare ahead of time before taking on a real monster. Do your research and take along the necessary potions and antidotes.

Other than that, the armor that you’re wearing plays a crucial role in determining the tide of the battle.

Plenty of armors will become available for crafting as you move ahead in the game. You can also wear layered armors to the battle, which can offer you a better defense.

Best Weapons to Start With

There are 14 different weapons to choose from in Monster Hunter Rise. Each weapon offers the player different playstyles and techniques. Mastering a single weapon is a difficult task, but with enough training and use, you’ll get control of it.

The best starting weapon to choose is the Long Sword, which gives the player an opportunity for aggressive playstyle, along with high DPS.

You can also check our Long Sword Weapon Guide for more details on this weapon.

Test Your Weapons in the Training Area

To get know-how about your weapons of choice, you can always test them in the training area before heading on a quest. You can test them against an enemy called Toadversary in the Training Area.

To access the Training Area, head to the boat in the Buddy Plaza and set the settings on your own.

Hamon the Blacksmith

Hamon will help you craft various items in the game as well as help you upgrade or configure your arsenal.

Buddy Smith

This Felyne blacksmith will help you craft items for your buddy companions.

Supply Box

You’ll come across several supply boxes on your hunting tours, and they can contain plenty of free and useful gear. Don’t overlook them, and interact with each one of them.

If there are more than one sets of the same items present in the supply box, then pick only one and leave the rest for your teammates.

Eat Before Going into a Battle

It is necessary to keep your hunter healthy before you face your foes. You can only use your hunter’s abilities to their full potential after you have kept him well fed.

Grab the Bunny Dango dish from one of Yamogi’s tea shops in Monster Hunter Rise. Eating the dish will get rid of any hunger and provide your hunter with random buffs.

Motley Mix

You can also buy another dish called Motley Mix, which allows you to use your spare food materials and cook them into consumable rations. This allows you to recycle spare items for use, instead of wasting them.

Each time you order the dish, you will be granted a 1x Dango Ticket that increases the chances of getting a buff to your hunter’s abilities.

Switch Skills

Switch Skills are unlocked as you progress through the Hunter Ranks. These allow you to store different attacks in your skillset. These skills can be swapped with other skills in combat on command.

Set your Switch Skills according to your playstyle to get the most out of them.

Craft Better Gear

After you defeat monsters, they drop rare materials that you can use to craft better gear for your hunter. Each of the materials comes with various buffs that improve the handling, mobility, strength, etc. of your gear.

You can also use the materials that you find or collect to improve your Buddies’ equipment.

Play with Your Camera Settings

You can always tweak your Camera to your personal preference by going to the Camera Settings. From here, try both Focus and Lock-On Camera.

These are crucial to set according to your preference and provide a huge impact on your game.

Endemic Life Buffs

Endemic Life is valuables in Monster Hunter Rise that provides you with temporary buffs to your attacks, defense, mobility, and much more.

Make sure you pick them up if you come across them, or you can sell reward items for money to buy Endemic Life buffs.

Mount Monsters to Fight Other Monsters

One of the newly introduced mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise allows you to ride a monster and use it to attack other monsters. This new mechanic is called Wyvern Riding. Wyvern Riding can be initiated using many ways.

Dealing Wirebug Damage will make the monster weak, which then allows you to take control of it. You can also use Endemic Life Puppet Spider to ride the monster.

Palamutes Buddy

Palamutes are one of the Buddies that you can recruit to aid you in your adventure. Palamutes are trained wolves from the Kamura Village that specialize in hunting and combat.

One of the main advantages of having a Palamute by your side is its ability to take you to any location by allowing you to ride on its back. They greatly increase your mobility and help you reach your destination in no time.

You can recruit Palamute by heading to the Buddy Scout Facility in Buddy Plaza.

Weapon Sharpening

Every weapon can get rusty, which would decrease the damage it does to the monsters. In order to keep the blade working flawlessly, you need to sharpen it using the Whetstone item.

You can sharpen your weapon during combat, but you will be vulnerable to attacks. The best way to sharpen a weapon is out of combat while riding a monster.

Capture Monsters

Some of the quests in the game require you to hunt and capture monsters instead of slaying them.

To do that, you need to add Shock Traps and Tranq Bombs to your inventory. Weaken the monster until a blue icon appears in the top right corner. The monster will begin to retreat to its den.

Take the Tranq Bombs and throw them at the monster’s head. Place the traps in its path and lure it in using Stink Mink

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