Best Shotguns To Unlock In Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is a fast game and given the speed of the action, a lot of players prefer shotguns and SMGs given how quickly you can close the gap between enemies. Having a powerful close-quarters weapon like a shotgun in MW2 allows players to take out any enemy with a single shot.

If you prefer indoor fights with devastating and punchy weapons while rushing toward enemies then shotguns are the way to go. In this guide, we will provide you with our suggestions of the best shotguns that CoD Modern Warfare 2 (2022) has to offer.

Best all-rounder Shotgun in MW2

Lockwood 300

It is undoubtedly the deadliest Shotgun you can unlock in Modern Warfare 2. It offers a good range and tight spread that you can boost further using the attachments.

Its double barrel allows you to take out enemies before they can attack you. If you can take a couple of hits before taking out the enemy, then this Shotgun is for you.

The damage output for this gun is the highest of the other Shotguns available and unlocking it is also not that difficult. So if you are looking for a great shotgun in MW 2, then the Lockwood 300 is the one you can choose.

Shotgun with the largest magazine

Bryson 800

It is an improved shotgun in MW2 that you can use for taking out enemies. It has the largest Magazine with a capacity of 8 rounds.

It will allow you to take out a few enemies before reloading. This pump action weapon has a short range, but you can increase it significantly using the attachments.

If you are heading forward and clearing different rooms in Modern Warfare II, then this Shotgun is for you. It is a weapon that you can rely on after adding a few attachments to boost its stats.

Best shotgun for new players

Expedite 12

Expedite 12 is for you if you are a new player and want an excellent shotgun. It has a large magazine with seven rounds and a reasonable fire rate.

Its handling is also good, but it suffers a lot while dealing damage to enemies at a distance. But you can improve that slightly.

The only thing you will need to ensure while using the Expedite shotgun in MW2 is to try to take out enemies in the first hit. Because its recoil is pretty slow, you can even die if you give hitting opportunities to your enemies.

Fastest reloading shotgun in Modern Warfare II

Bryson 890

Shotguns do have a problem with reloading in MWII due to their slow reload speed. But in case you are looking for one that you can reload quickly, you can choose the Bryson 890.

Bryson 890 comes with a detachable magazine that you can change quickly to reload your Shotgun. However, other than reload speed, it is not a weapon you can rely on.

Bryson 890’s low accuracy makes it a not so ideal weapon in MWII especially if you are going for one-hit kills. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t take out enemies with it. Of course, you can, but you need to be expert players.

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