Minecraft Dungeons Secrets Guide

This guide is your one stop to uncovering details about every secret level in the Minecraft Dungeons and how to unlock them

In this guide, we will explain how to access all of Minecraft Dungeons’ Secret Levels. These secret levels contain some items that can only be obtained there and they will help you loads during the main story levels.

Minecraft Dungeons Secrets

In Minecraft Dungeons, in addition to the main story missions, there are some hidden levels that can be unlocked.

There are a total of 5 secret levels. Some of them are easy to find while some may take some work. Below we have detailed all of the hidden levels and how to unlock them.

One thing to keep in mind is that Minecraft Dungeons has procedurally generated maps and because of that each player’s map will be different from others.

Arch Haven
Location: Pumpkin Pastures

To unlock this hidden secret level, you will have to find a map on the Pirate ship. The map is located in the bottom part of the ship.

Defeat the swarm of enemies there to unlock the Arch Haven secret level!

Creepy Crypt
Location: Creeper Woods

To unlock this secret level, search Creeper Woods for a hidden path. Follow the path which leads to a circular area.

From here, move forward until you reach a temple. Enter the temple and look for a green map to unlock the secret level of Creepy Crypt.

Location: Camp

This level is tricky to unlock. First, you have to finish the complete main story on defeat difficulty. After that, visit the dog painting by the church located in the camp.

Now you will have to track down 10 hidden runes. After that is done, head back to the church and interact with the button to unlock the secret level.

Soggy Cave
Location: Soggy Swamp

In the Soggy Swamp area, head to the second part of the cave and explore the dungeons on the left side. Keep a look out for some ruins.

There, continue inside and complete both puzzles to unlock the soggy cave secret level.

Location: Highblock Halls

In the area, look for some stairs at the beginning of the level. Head down the stairs and look for a shield on the wall.

When you find the shield, interact with the shield to open up a secret tunnel that will unlock the Underhalls level.

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