How to Unlock Creepy Crypt in Minecraft Dungeons

This guide will take you through the whole process of Unlocking the Creepy Crypt in Minecraft Dungeons. The Creepy Crypt is actually a secret mission filled with all the Emeralds for the players to loot, and which can only be discovered by finding a secret map.

How to Unlock Creepy Crypt in Minecraft Dungeons

The first step for unlocking this level would be to go in the Creeper woods. The method to unlock Creepy Crypt is like all the other secret levels and requires a bit of searching.

You will have to do a villager saving mission and upon completing it the path on the left will take you to a huge temple.

Press the button on the right side to enter the temple. There is a glowing green map in the temple when you interact with that map, you will unlock the Creepy Crypt and know where it is located.

You need to remember that this mission has no importance to the story of the game what so ever. It is just a secret mission for you to have a little fun on the side and nothing else.

But what it would be great for is it emerald farming capabilities as there are several chests and this doesn’t even take long to complete.

You can have a lot of weapons from this level as well. These can include sword, bow, pickaxe and the soul bow.

Inside the Creepy Crypt
When you first enter the Creepy Crypt, you need to find the Lost Tome and after you have found it you need to leave this place after you have gathered everything that you possibly can.

You will get out of this mission after you have reached the waypoint outside of the Crypt.

Your main objective is to look for the Lost Tome but you also need to take advantage of this emerald rich place and find everything that you can.

Keep opening up you map repeatedly to check if you have missed anything. There are creepers in there as well, beware of them and take them out as quickly as you can.

There are no bosses in the Creepy Crypt mission so it would an easy one.

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