Minecraft Dungeons Runes Locations

Our Minecraft Dungeons Runes Locations guide will detail the locations of them all so you can experience the hidden easter egg.

Minecraft Dungeons just wouldn’t be a proper dungeon crawler without some hidden levels and what better hidden level to have than an homage to the Diablo Cow level. Getting to this level involves getting our hands on 9 runes and our Minecraft Dungeons Runes Locations guide will detail the locations of them all so you can experience the level for yourself.

Minecraft Dungeons Runes Locations

The Runes and the place where you unlock the level are available only after you’ve finished the campaign and are scattered throughout maps you’ve been to before but the backtracking isn’t an issue since you don’t have to finish the mission; just get the rune and get back to camp through the menu

Also, when you go hunting for these runes the difficulty setting doesn’t matter and you can just keep it low to keep focused on the runes rather than the enemies

Here are the locations of each of the nine runes that are found in the nine different levels of the game.

Creeper Woods
You will find the first rune by the town that’s controlled by the corrupt villages. Go left and fight your way to the woods until you find a stone floor and gravel.

Search for a switch in the gravel, use this to open a secret door. Once you enter the door, follow the path until you reach a switch that you can interact with. A rune will appear once you interact with the switch.

Cacti Canyon
Whilst you proceed through the level, you will be tasked to get a bunch of keys at some point. At that area, you will find a gate towards the bottom left.

This place will have some enemies that you will have to defeat. There will be a palm tree near the stone wall here, with a switch behind it.

Interact with it to open up another secret entrance. Go inside and follow the path to another rune.

Soggy Swamp
You will find this rune after you’ve defeated the cauldron. Go through the gateway without interacting with the exit door.

There will be a large stone with some mushrooms growing here. You will be a prompted to press a button once you reach this pillar, and you will get the rune.

Pumpkin Pastures
Once you’ve gotten past the first house on fire, you will see a hill towards your right. This hill will be connected to a stone wall and you will be able to climb it.

Walk towards the top and run past another house on fire and along the walkway. The next switch will be behind some boxes that you will find on your way. Interact with the switch to get the next rune.

Redstone Mines
When you’re required to free villagers the second time, fight through the enemies while you walk right past the northern wall here.

You will eventually reach some Redstone crystals. The switch will be located near a lantern in the crystals.

Fiery Forge
Once you’ve started the level, proceed through the area until you get to the first door. Enter this door and then run left till you reach some steps that are near a Redstone golem.

There will be a lever near the corner. Interact with it to reveal a secret door.

Desert Temple
In Desert Temple, you will have to find a gold key. Once you get to the trap infested place, roam through here until you get to the key.

After the walls are brought down, there will be a hidden lever towards the top right corner of the room, adjacent to some plants and a palm tree near the gold key room

Highblock Hall
Once you’ve made it through the level and you reach a small village with skeletons and zombies, keep right and make your way across the village.

Head up the stairs that you come to and you will reach a stone wall with a lever below some windows. You will find the rune here.

Obsidian Pinnacle
This is the last rune, and you will find it in the library that you come across in Obsidian Pinnacle.

You will have to kill a golem and the villagers while you’re on your way to reach the library. Towards the north, you will be able to interact with the bookshelf. Once you’ve interacted, you will open up another passage where you will find the rune.

The rune will be in the hidden room that you’ve opened up.

Secret Cow Level
After you’ve acquired all the runes, go to the Church in the camp. Head to the back and click the switch that’s located under the arcane symbols.

If you have all the runes, the symbols will glow up and a wall will open. Open the chests here and acquire the “???” level on your map. This will allow you access to the most secret place in Minecraft Dungeons.

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