How to Unlock Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons

In this guide we will show you how to unlock Arch Haven, the secret area within Pumpkin Pastures of Minecraft Dungeons for epic loot

In this guide we will be exploring the different ways you can use to Unlock Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons; an area filled with tons of loot ready to be farmed and used by enterprising adventurers.

How to Unlock Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons has a number of secrets for the player to uncover. Their secrecy not only makes them a challenge to find but make up for exciting new rich content, pushing players to discover the game’s secrets in every nook and cranny.

The secret area for Pumpkin Pastures happens to be Arch Haven so you should definitely make an attempt to unlock it and complete the associated quest.

Before you try to look for Arch Haven, we would suggest you complete ‘Soggy Caves’, the reason being that you won’t be able to discover Arch Haven without discovering Soggy Caves first.

Finding the Pirate Ship
The maps are kind-of random every time they are generated, so it’s worth noting that no one will find the ship at exactly the same spot as someone else might have.

Simply keep an eye out for the pirate ship in Pumpkin Pastures.

Once you find the pirate ship, head to the lower deck, and you will be able to discover a map found in the cabins.

It’s a Trap!
Well, you’re discovering a cool new hidden location, and you didn’t expect to square off with some mobs? Come on, all of us know better than that.

As soon as you pick up the map, you will trigger a mob trap. Continue to defeat all of them and claim the map to unlock the Arch Haven mission.

What’s Arch Haven?
Arch Haven is one of the few challenging areas you will be going through in Minecraft Dungeons. But it’s definitely worth it, in order to get yourself some epic gear.

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