How To Find & Use The Offering Bowl In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Offering Bowl is one of the many mysterious artifacts you can find in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. However, the game falls short of explaining just how you can use it or what benefits the artifact gives.

You will get your hands on the Offering Bowl fairly early in Midnight Suns. It is actually an important artifact because it is one of the many ways to get Arcane Keys in the game.

The following guide will tell you more about how to find and use the Offering Bowl in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Where to find the Offering Bowl in Midnight Suns

The big question is how to get an Offering Bowl in the game. To Unlock the Offering Bowl in Midnight Suns, follow the steps given below.

  • Travel to the Abbey Library where you will find Agatha Harkness.
  • Wait until nighttime and interact with her. She will then ask you to investigate the bowl located in the Agatha Altar region.
  • The next task is to travel to the Agatha Altar to find and interact with the bowl.
  • From the main entrance, head North on the main trail until the Elemental Altar. The bowl can be found after taking the staircase on the left.
  • Once you have interacted with the Offering Bowl, it will be unlocked.

How to use the Offering Bowl in Midnight Suns

After you have successfully interacted with the Offering Bowl, you will see on your screen that several items that can be put inside the bowl. These are special research artifacts that can be found while doing the main story of Marvel Midnight Suns.

Once you have the collected artifacts in your possession, head to the Abbey Library and interact with the Offering Bowl. From the list of Artifacts, you will get an option on the screen to place them inside the bowl.

To finish off the offering process, the players will need a Word of Power: Open which will grant them the Arcane Key. Keep in mind that you might need other Word of Powers as it varies from artifact to artifact.

Hence, you can keep using the Offering Bowl throughout your progression to exchange research artifacts for Arcane Keys that in turn allow you to unlock Arcane Chests for valuable rewards such as Midnight Suns Suits.

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