How To Get Arcane Keys In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The world of Marvel's Midnight Suns is full of fights and exploring opportunities. You can take side quests to earn...

The world of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is full of fights and exploring opportunities. You can take side quests to earn different items, ensuring a joyful experience.

Arcane Chests are vital as they provide different resources, including currencies and cosmetic items. You can also gain outfits and clothing items from these chests. Additionally, there are chances of gaining Blueprints and Gloss Credits from some Arcane Chests.

The type of items obtained from the chest depends upon the rarity of the Arcane Chest. There are four types of Arcane Chests, grey (common), blue (Rare), purple (epic), and orange (legendary). You will be lucky to find the orange ones on your map, as these offer the best items in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. 

The good thing about these Arcane Chests is their resetting potential in the game. You can open the same chests many times and obtain different items to stock up your items. Additionally, boost your Arcane level, so you get higher level rewards from the Arcane Chests as the quality and the quantity of the loot is in proportion with your Hunter’s Arcane knowledge.

You must acquire as many Arcane keys as possible to get all the rewards from Arcane Chests. These keys are the only way to unlock Arcane Chests in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

This guide is crafted specially to inform on how to collect Arcane Keys in Marvel’s Midnight Suns using different methods. So, use all the ways to obtain maximum keys to unlock rewards from Arcane Chests.

Where to find more Arcane Keys in Midnight Suns


To gain easy keys, you must wander around the Abbey area. Some keys are straightforward to find and just lying there for you to collect. But to get most of the keys, you need to have the power that reveals the items. To display different Arcane Keys in the area, use the revealing power obtained by completing the second trial. You must find the stones having red markings and use the revealing power to bring the hidden Arcane keys. You will find many such stones, so collect them to open more chests.

The Offering Bowl

One of the easiest ways to obtain Arcane keys is to gather different artifacts and use the offering bowl to convert them into Arcane Keys. To do this, you need to reach the place where a blueish glowing bowl is present, which can only be accessed during the nighttime. 

Go to Agatha’s Altar and take the stairs present on the left. You must follow the path aligned with the blue torches. As you reach the bowl, place the artifacts and say the revealed word. This will cause the artifacts to change into Arcane Keys. You can gather many keys this way, but remember you can only convert one artifact per night.

Daily Sparring

You can train with other heroes and earn items, including Arcane Keys, by going to the Yard. The daily sparring provides the opportunity to train along with getting different rewards.

You will earn friendship, stats, and other rewards by performing this action. You cannot always rely on this method to gather the keys though.

However, it is also crucial to study the artifacts in the forge with Tony, as they get destroyed instantly upon their placement in the offering bowl. The research about these artifacts allows you to create the same artifacts later.

Keys from Elemental Rods

If you complete the search for the four elemental rods present in the Abbey grounds, you can obtain 4x Arcane Keys by placing the rods in their rightful place. You will perform this task as an early quest and can complete it without much effort.

Collection from Companions

There’s a way to socialize with other heroes and complete their specific assigned requests to gain Arcane Keys as a reward. To obtain the keys, you might have to complete different scheduled events for other heroes. 

You can also gain Arcane Keys by giving enough attention to the demon dog. The Demon Dog is a pet part of the furry friend category.

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