Metroid Dread Corpius Boss Guide

Corpius is a huge monster who can become invisible at will, so it can be a bit tricky to deal...

Corpius is a huge monster who can become invisible at will, so it can be a bit tricky to deal with at times. In this Metroid Dread Corpius Boss guide, we will be covering some important tips to deal with the very first boss that you will encounter in the game.

Metroid Dread Corpius Boss

To begin with the fight, you can use missiles to hit the head of this monster. Keep on hitting Corpius with the missiles to target the head constantly. Additionally, Energy Tanks will provide you with extra hits to cause more damage.

Corpius will use its tail to attack you by quickly swiping it around the surface. You need to dodge this move by simply jumping and running around. Now, a cutscene occurs, and the Corpius’ tail gets lit.

The players need to hit where they see the light glowing, as this is the weak point of the monster. After another cutscene, you will notice the Corpius on the opposite side of the room.

The boss will hit you with its different attacks constantly.

Now, the players need to notice the magnetic blue strip appearing on the wall to dodge the attacks. The players can make use of gunfire to target the face and the tail of the monster.

The boss moves around when you hit it, so try to dodge it by sliding below its body.

Keep on hitting it while you are dodging to reduce the effectiveness of its attacks. The players can also use the spots created on the wall to create their shots.

As Corpius becomes invisible, you must attack its tail immediately; otherwise, it can cause a lot of damage.

Now, you will notice that its health has dropped by a large margin. At this point, you need to target the face constantly.

The monster will hit you hard with some shots, so make sure you slide under its body to avoid these nasty shots. Once you hit it on the face, tail and successfully dodge its attacks, you will finish it in no time.

We hope that this guide helps you to fight the Corpius boss and finish it in no time. So, get ready for a thrilling fight right away.

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