How to Heal in Metroid Dread

In this guide, we will explain how to heal in Metroid Dread and explain all the mechanics that work together helping Samus stay alive.

In Metroid Dread, Energy functions as the health bar, and if the Energy depletes completely, you will die. In this guide, we will explain how to heal in Metroid Dread.

How to Heal in Metroid Dread

During all the action that is Metroid Dread, you will sometimes need to heal in order to continue your adventures. In Metroid Dread, there are several different ways by which you can replenish the health of your character Samus.

Heal using Total Recharge Stations

In Metroid Dread, Total Recharge Stations will allow Samus to fully recover her Energy and missiles. Whenever your energy and missiles level is depleted, you can recover them using the Total Recharge stations. Stand in front of the station and interact with it to heal your energy and missile levels.

Total Recharge stations are scattered in different locations of the map, so whenever you come across one, you can use it to recharge and heal yourself completely.

Heal using Energy Recharge Stations

Like the Total Recharge Stations, Energy Recharge Stations are also present in different locations of the map. However, they only heal your energy levels, and your missile levels will not be restored at the Energy Recharge Stations.

Heal using Energy Tanks

Energy Tanks will fully recharge your Energy while also increasing the max Energy by 99. Energy Tanks can either be found as a whole or as 4 Energy parts, which can then be crafted into an Energy Tank. Nearby Energy Tanks can also be spotted on the map, so if you need to heal in a hurry, be sure to look for these Tanks diligently.

Heal through farming enemies

In Metroid Dread, you can also heal by killing enemies. Countering enemies and killing them will award you with even more health than a simple kill, letting you fight for longer.

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