Metro Exodus Will Be Using The Newly Announced Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing Tech, Demo Coming Soon

Nvidia introduced its latest RTX real-time raytracing tech earlier this week and 4A Games has announced that its upcoming title, Metro Exodus, will be using this latest tech from Nvidia.

Metro Exodus will probably be the first game to use Nvidia RTX real-time raytracing tech and not only that, 4A Games has revealed that they will be showcasing a demo of Metro Exodus at GDC 2018 which will also showcase the use of Nvidia RTX real-time raytracing tech.

4A Games announced it on their official Twitter account. Aside from the use of Nvidia RTX, this might be the first time that 4A Games will showcase a proper gameplay for Metro Exodus following its announcement.

Speaking of Metro Exodus, according to the studio the PC version of the game will be breathtaking. According to the studio, as much they are striving for the game to be as optimized as possible but the team also likes to “blow up video cards”.

Furthermore, according to Executive Producer Jon Bloch, the game will use every bit of PS4 Pro power. According to the producer, the studio is paying special attention to the console.

He added that Exodus’ script is bigger than the first two games even with DLC combined. Yes, you read it right! Metro Exodus script is gigantic so naturally, it will extend the duration of the game as there are many dialogue options, various situations.

To put this into perspective, Metro Exodus’ script is larger than both Metro 2033’s and Metro: Last Light’s scripts combined, including all DLC.

Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter in development at 4A Games and will launch sometime in 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter

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