4A Games: Metro Exodus Will “Use Every Bit Of” PS4 Pro Power

Game developers have praised the mid-gen upgrades for their extra power and now 4A Games has noted that Metro Exodus will every bit of PS4 Pro's power.

Sony and Microsoft have rolled out their mid-gen upgrades of their consoles namely PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and many game developers have praised the consoles for their extra power and now 4A Games has noted that Metro Exodus will ue every bit of PS4 Pro’s power.

Speaking with PlayStation Magazine, Executive Producer Jon Bloch talked about the upcoming Metro Exodus will use every bit of PS4 Pro power. According to the producer, the studio is paying special attention to the console.

We are putting special attention into the PS4 Pro to ensure we are using every bit of power that it provides.

Furthermore, he noted that Exodus’ script is bigger than the first two games even with DLC combined. Yes, you read it right! Metro Exodus script is gigantic so naturally, it will extend the duration of the game as there are many dialogue options, various situations.

“To put this into perspective, Metro Exodus’ script is larger than both Metro 2033’s and Metro: Last Light’s scripts combined, including all DLC.”

Furthermore, the studio is also making sure that the game looks just as good if not better on Xbox One X. According to the producer, the Metro Exodus Xbox One X footage shown at E3 2017 is the representative of the game’s visuals.

The power of the Xbox One X will allow to ensure the game looks amazing. The trailer was recorded in-engine from a gameplay sequence players will find later on in the game. We removed things like HUD, and Quick Time Events prompts, choreographed the playthrough and music to fit the needs of the trailer, but the game looks like what you see.

Also, the studio was very secretive about the game before it was revealed and according to the studio, there is a reason why they kept it a secret.

According to Creative Director Andriy Prokhorov, the studio did not believe that developing Metro Exodus was possible three years ago and that is why they kept it a secret.

Also, 4A Games has revealed that the game is inspired by Stalker but, the game will remain linear and revealed that they aren’t moving away from the classic metro gameplay.

Metro Exodus is scheduled to launch sometime in 2018 and is in development at 4A Games for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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