Cryptic Tweet from Hideo Kojima Might Refer to Metal Gear Solid Toy

A cryptic tweet from Hideo Kojima might be hinting towards a Metal Gear Solid toy currently in the making, despite fans' hopes.

Hideo Kojima, once the much-praised direct of Konami’s Metal Gear Solid series, put up a cryptic tweet today that translated to “Things related to Metal are surging”, which got the hopes up of Metal Gear fans around the world. Unfortunately, a subsequent tweet appears to be hinting at some kind of Metal Gear Solid toy.

Nothing, of course, is actually confirmed yet, but Metal Gear Solid does have a large number of things in it that could be made into action figures, ranging from the Metal Gears themselves to posable action figures of Big Boss or other characters. Kojima’s subsequent tweet made reference to Kotobikuya, a Japanese figure-making company.

Kojima had been fired by Konami shortly before Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was slated to release, touching off a social media firestorm against Konami and causing the game to release unfinished. While him coming back to Metal Gear (or the series coming back at all) was a long shot, the reaction to the tweet shows some fans still had their hopes up.

Kojima’s tweet about the possible upcoming Metal Gear Solid toy didn’t give any details, either. As we said above, there could be any number of things that could be made into a figure, whether it’s one of the Snakes, a Metal Gear, or any other number of characters from across the franchise.

Kojima hasn’t really given any indication that he’s still interested in Metal Gear recently, either. More focused on his own goals (including apparently reworking a script for a new game to be more in-line with how the world is today), it appears that he’s left Metal Gear behind.

We’ll likely see some kind of announcement from Konami or Playstation related to whatever he was tweeting about in the future, but if a Metal Gear Solid toy of some kind is coming, it’s likely fans of the franchise will do their best to snap them up.

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