Hideo Kojima Is Reworking An Older Project To Bring It Up To Date

A new Hideo Kojima project is being reworked, since it's based on a year-old script that Kojima is reworking to be more relevant.

Hideo Kojima hasn’t released a new game since Death Stranding, back at the tail end of 2019. However, it seems like an older Hideo Kojima project is currently being brought up to speed for this year, according to a tweet from the man himself. So far, however, it’s only the script.

Hideo Kojima’s various games, in particular the Metal Gear series, have often proved disturbingly prophetic in terms of their content. Whether it’s the Patriots in Metal Gear Solid 2 artificially generating patriotism through planned actions, or people being separated by vast distances in Death Stranding, what you can say Kojima doesn’t skimp on in his games is the writing.

Exactly what writing is coming in this new project, however, remains to be seen. The script is a year old, and the world changes fast, so Kojima-san may be working on revamping the whole story to fit better in the current social landscape of the world.

The new Hideo Kojima project right now faces a world trying its best to claw back to normality after nearly two years of being almost paralyzed by a global pandemic, with many people struggling to find work while social upheaval over jobs, rights, the long-awaited ends of wars, and various political divisions ranging from vaccination to voting rights.

Considering Kojima’s games are always a trip to experience, who knows how the man will surprise us this time around, especially since in the tweet where he announced the rewriting that he was also in an entirely different emotional state and situation than he was last year, much like the world.

Either way, hopefully we’ll be seeing the fruits of this new Hideo Kojima project at some point in the very near future. Until then, all we can do is wait and see what Kojima will hit us with when this game eventually comes out.

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