Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee Loyalty Missions Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee Loyalty Missions Guide will guide you through all the loyalty missions for PeeBee so you can earn her loyalty.

This Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee Loyalty Missions Guide will guide you in the correct order so you can earn her trust.

Loyalty missions are an important part of Mass Effect Andromeda as it will give a broader perspective about your squadmates, their characters, and their background.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee Loyalty Missions

Completing loyalty mission are important as you will not only get additional equipment but also your squadmates will trust you and will be more efficient in the battlefield.

Secret Project
To unlock this loyalty mission for PeeBee in Mass Effect Andromeda you will first have to complete the vault challenge on EOS.

As you enter the Pod PeeBee tells you not to peek as she is trying to keep her project under the wraps until it is done. During this conversation, you will have a chance to hit her with a passionate response. She will tell you that next time when you are on Nexus she will reveal the project.

After this, you will receive an e-mail from PeeBee titled “Rem-Tech”. She will ask you to help her get one piece of rem-tech from Voeld. Get to Voeld, and follow the mission marker directing you to the piece for Peebee’s secret project.

You will find a Remnant monolith at the site and about a dozen Remnants guarding it. Defeat them and look for a Remnant glyph symbol which is located on the outer side of a block that sits on the edge of the monolith base platform.

Solve the puzzle to obtain the relic for PeeBee. Now go and talk to her, as you try to enter the Pod she will push you back to hide what she has been working on.

She will thank you for retrieving the tech and will tell you that next time you are on Nexus the project will be done and she will invite you there at the end of the conversation.

Next time you are on Nexus head to the second floor and explore the apartments beyond hydroponics. PeeBee will let you into her apartment, the last door on the right. As you enter she will reveal her secret project and an ex-friend of Peebee enters the apartment and seems interested in her project.

As you walk her ex-friend out, you can ask her about her relationship with Kalinda. The mission ends here and things will be put on hold until she learns more about the Remnant Tech, which will happen in mission 3 and to continue this story arc of PeeBee you will have to complete The Museum Trip mission.

Remnant Scanner
To unlock this loyalty mission you must have completed the Secret Project mission. PeeBee will send you an e-mail titled “New Project”. This e-mail will arrive after you have visited PeeBee in the apartment where she reveals POC.

Go to the escape pod where Peebee hangs out and works on research projects. As you walk in a conversation will trigger. She will explain her remnant scanner concept but she requires three specific pieces of Rem-tech. Scan POC before you leave the escape pod. Now you must find rare Remnant tech so Peebee can perfect her scanner.

Travel to EOS and get to the Outland Spire area. You will find a Remnant console here, interact with it to raise Remnant pillars out of the toxic lake. Jump across the platform to get to the small island containing the Remnant ruins.

Here you will find the first piece of Remnant tech required. Defeat the Remnants on the island and grab the relic. More enemies will arrive, defeat them and use the Remnant console on the north side of the island that will activate n gravity well and will transport you to the land.

Travel to HAVARL has the second Remnant Tech piece required is there. As you land make your way to the Central Wilds forward station and then to the north of the Remnant ruins. As you reach the ruins you will face some resistance and then enter the vault where you will find the relic.

Take the gravity well down the vault and enter the next chamber. Head through the tunnel to the left then take a right that will lead to another chamber.

Look behind the door (opposite the force field window) to find a woman standing in a container room. The Relic will be behind her.

The final piece of Remnant Tech is on Kadara, so travel there. Head to the Remnant site near the vault in Haarfel. Defeat the enemies and look for the Remnant relic in a small container near the stack of larger containers. Instead, you will find datapad containing a message from Krannit.

He says he has what you are looking for and will meet you and the Asari at Kadara Port. As you reach the port, find PeeBee, however, an interesting scene plays out and results in PeeBee’s POC being stolen.

The Museum Trip
For this mission to unlock you will have to complete the PeeBee’s Secret Project Mission and have completed all dialogue options with her.

Once it is done, you will receive an e-mail from PeeBee titled “Ay-Ay-Aya!”. She has asked you to meet her at the museum on Aya.

Travel to Aya and enter the museum and find PeeBee. She will be drunk and have an encouraging conversation with her. The conversation will end on a positive note with Peebee deciding to stay with your operation a little while longer.

The next time you meet her you can have an intimate moment with her. If you want to have an exclusive relationship with her then answer, “I’d want strings,” when the choice is given.

Reclaiming Poc
For this PeeBee loyalty mission, in Mass Effect Andromeda you must have completed the “Secret project” mission. You will receive an e-mail from PeeBee titled “Got a Lead”. She will tell you that the POC has been stolen and asks you to meet her at the bar at Kadara Port.

You will find PeeBee at a table in the very back corner of Kralla’s Song. She will introduce you to Samrick who is sympathetic to PeeBee abut her stolen POC. He knows where Kalinda’s crew gathers, press a bit and he will tell you the exact location.

Land on Elaaden either at the Paradise or the Elaaden outpost. The mission marker will direct you to the large sinkhole in the southwest. You will find a small barrack, enter to find the POC but POC will be unresponsive, then talk to the scavenger inside.

The scavenger will tell you that he had found POC in this condition and sells it to you. You can also talk to the scavenger about Kalinda. Then leave with POC.

Talk to Peebee as you return to Tempest and retrieving POC allows Peebee to finish her Remnant scanner.

A Mysterious Remnant Signal
This loyalty mission will unlock once the Reclaiming POC mission is done in Mass Effect Andromeda. As you do this, talk to PeeBee on Tempest. she has discovered an unprecedented Remnant signal, accompany her to the source of the signal.

Travel to the Inalaara system and “land” the escape pod on Pas-10. However, instead of landing, you will crash but everyone will walk safely out of this.

Follow the mission marker into the cave and keep going till you come across a Remnant gateway. Scan the large obsidian boulder near the gate and then shoot to destroy it and activate the Remnant power node. Enter the new tunnel beyond the now-lowered gate.

Keep following the mission marker and you will cone across another Remnant gateway. Scan the Remnant power node up high to the left of the closed Remnant gate. This will the frindly observer what to unlock.

Scan the Remnant gate, then head back to the large assembly-line dispenser in the middle of the cave and trace the conduit to a Remnant console. Interact with it to release the friendly observer from the dispenser. If you have already scanned the node the observer will interact with it to open the door.

Keep following the mission marker and you will notice Kalinda’s shuttle streak across the sky when you reach the ledge outside the tunnel. Leap down from the ledge and enemies are waiting for you. Once all enemies have been taken care of, go up onto the high platform on the mountainside.

On the high ledge interact with the console to lower the Remnant gate and follow the mission marker. As you reach the next clearing, Kalinda will speak over comms about placing a transmitter in POC. Follow the mission marker and you have to drop down a bridge to continue.

First, shoot the obsidian boulder to reveal a Remnant console that turns the turret on the pillars friendly. This helps you in the following battle.

Interact with the Remnant console on the platform to lower the antenna. Remain in the target hacking zone until the hacking is done and you will have to survive an assault of Remnant enemies.

As the hack completes cross the antenna and jump from the end of it to the nearest ledge (10) on the other side of the lava river. Follow the ledge and continue to the mission marker.

The next mission marker will be on the side of a cliff nearby. Scan the boulder to reach the next objective, it is is a massive giant igneous basalt boulder and needs to be destroyed by a friendly Observer.

There will be a huge battle here, once it is done shoot the boulder to reveal the console that lifts a Remnant dispenser at a distance.

This will release the observer but a horde of Remnant will attack you. Once they are done head back to the giant igneous basalt boulder and scan it again. This directs your friendly Observer to destroy the rock and itself as the rock comes tumbling down, creating a platform in the lava that allows you to jump up to the next ledge.

You will run into Kalinda and her goons, defeat the enemies and continue to follow the mission marker through the cave tunnel. Keep moving ahead and you will run into Krannit, the krogan Outlaw. Defeat Krannit and other enemies and use the Remnant console in front of the assembly-line dispenser to release a friendly Observer.

Scan the power node located above the locked exit and the door open. Keep following the mission marker to a large Remnant vault-like chamber. As you jump down the party will begin as there will be a lot of enemies for you to kill.

There will be waves of enemies coming at you. As the first wave is defeated make your way to the right side of the vault to interface with the Remnant console that releases the first of two Observers.

On the right side of the vault fight off the remaining enemies and the second wave will hit. Take out the enemies while releasing the second Observer using the Remnant console near the dispenser. The third wave will hit you and your observers will also join the fight.

Once all the enemies are defeated continue on with the mission. Scan the Remnant power node so that one of the observers may interact with it to make a path for you to go onwards.

As you get up on the ledge both Kalinda and PeeBee will be running onto an unstable platform to grab the Remnant data core. As the scene plays out you will have a choice to make.

Either shoot Kalinda and PeBee retrieves the tech, but PeeBee will be upset about her friend’s death. If you don’t go with the prompt, both Kalinda and PeeBee are saved but the tech is lost.

Then you will have a limited time to get out of the cave. If you did not kill Kalinda, follow her. You will be going back through the caves that you used to get back in.

The ending scene will differ depending on your choice regarding Kalinda. And if you want to progress your relationship with her consider flirting with Peebee while deciding how to get the Tempest’s missing escape pod covered.

For this loyalty mission, in Mass Effect Andromeda you must have advanced your relationship to the max with PeeBee. You will receive an e-mail titled “A Gift for You”. Go to the captain’s quarters and you will find a gift beside the bed.

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