Mass Effect Andromeda Making An Impression Guide – Architect Boss Tips, How To

Mass Effect Andromeda is full to the brim with side quests, some might feel that it is overstuffed, however there are some quests that truly standout. Making an Impression is one of those side quests which takes place on Eos after establishing an outpost on the planet.

Mass Effect Andromeda Making an Impression guide will take players through this amazing side quest which culminates in an impressive boss battle against a “world” boss.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Making an Impression

The quest appears after players have established Prodromos on Eos and requires them to go through a series of short objectives until players finally encounter the Architect Boss. However, the quest doesn’t pop up the moment players make Eos habitable and they will instead have to fully complete A Better Beginning quest.

A Better Beginning will take players back to the Tempest and then Nexus. After finishing up from there, players can return to Eos to pick up side quests for loot and XP. Once they return to Eos, players will notice that the planet has changed considerably and there is less radiation now. Players need to find Hanley in Prodromos and talk to him to pick up the quest.

Hanley tasks players with installing seismic devices to determine the cause of the recent surge in earthquakes. Players need to proceed to the north of Eos to reach the quest marker and place the seismic device. Another prompt will appear to place a second device and once players reach that area, they will have encounter some humans.

Talking to the humans will reveal that that they are from a separate group of people who consider themselves an independent nation, free of the Nexus. These people need water and since they mine gas, their leader will propose a trade, water in exchange for gas. If players accept the offer, they will have to plant their seismic device somewhere else.

It is up to the players whether they decide to plant the device at a source of water or gas. Once players place the device to start mining, enemies will spawn and players need to defeat them. Once the area has been cleared, players can proceed to the third marker and place another device there before getting ready for the Architect Boss battle.

Architect Boss
The Architect is a huge Remnant machine with three legs, shown earlier in the game’s promo footage. The fight will be somewhat similar to fighting a Thresher Maw in previous games. Like all Remnant enemies in the game, Overload and Disruptor ammo is highly effective against the Architect. A weak spot on the boss’ head can also be targeted to deal extra damage.

However, to get to the weak spot, players first need to attack its legs until it exposes its head. When the weak spot appears, players should focus on that and also direct their squad mates to change targets as well.

Throughout the fight, Architect will spawn various minions for players to deal with while it moves to a different location. Players need to take out these smaller enemies quickly and then chase down the boss once again. Once the Architect has been defeated, players can go up to and interface with it.

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