Mafia 3 Vargas Paintings Locations Guide

Mafia 3 Vargas Paintings locations guide to help you find all Vargas Paintings scattered throughout different districts in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 collectibles are worth finding, from Playboy Magazines to Mafia 3 Vargas Paintings, each one is satisfying. The best way is to hack into Junction Boxes which will reveal the location of all collectibles in the vicinity. However, it will take some time as you need to look for a certain device to hack into these boxes.

You will need TL-49 Fuses to wiretap junction boxes. These fuses are scattered all over New Bordeaux. Usually, you can find them near trash cans, rooftops, ledges, underground passages etc.

Wiretapping becomes available once you complete “Story Mission: Smack” mission. It takes three TL-49 fuses to wiretap a single junction box. You can always find at least one fuse close by when you reach a box. Head over here to know more about Junction Boxes and how to hack in.

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One of the collectibles we have are Mafia 3 Vargas Paintings but sadly there is no achievement for it but still, a collector doesn’t think like that.

Mafia 3 Vargas Paintings Locations

Vargas Painting #1
Delray Hollow – Enter Doucet’s club through the front door and head to the first floor lobby. The painting is hanging behind the counter on the wall.

Vargas Painting #2
Delray Hollow – Enter Doucet’s club and go Merle “Trigger” Jackson’s office.

Vargas Painting #3
Delray Hollow – Basement of Sammy’s Bar. There is also Playboy nearby.

Vargas Painting #4
Delray Hollow – Go to Kincaid’s Smack Racket hideout aka fellowship hall office of the First Baptist Church. The painting is hung on the wall.

Vargas Painting #5
River Row – Second floor office of Rigolet’s Canning Company.

Vargas Painting #6
River Row – Behind the entry greeting station inside Benny’s Ristorante Italiano. You can grab this during “We Partners Now?”

Vargas Painting #7
River Row – Go to Benny’s Ristorante Italiano to find the painting on a bookshelf in Vito’s office. Grab this during “We Partners Now?”

Vargas Painting #8
River Row – You will come across a shipping warehouse during “Roy’s Contraband Racket” missions. Go to the top floor office of the warehouse.

Vargas Painting #9
Pointe Verdun – Bevers Moonshine headquarters, top floor.

Vargas Painting #10
Pointe Verdun –  Sonny Blue’s Roberdeau Meat Packing Co, on a wall in the top floor. You can access this area during “The Blade Stained Red.”

Vargas Painting #10
Pointe Verdun – On a wall inside Burke’s office.

Vargas Painting #11
Barclay Mills – Go to Nicki Burk’s waterfront boat garage.

Vargas Painting #12
Barclay Mills – You will come across the garage dump HQ during “Puppy’s Garbage Racket.” The painting is in the main office on the second floor.

Vargas Painting #13
Barclay Mills – You will see a blue trailer in the quarry during “Meet Enzo Conti.” The painting is inside.

Vargas Painting #14
Barclay Mills – Train depot hideout, inside the boos room.

Vargas Painting #15
Downtown – Imperial Health Club, top floor office. You can access this area during Frankie’s blackmail racket.

Vargas Painting #16
Downtown – Behind the check-in desk in the Royal Hotel.

Vargas Painting #17
Downtown – When you blow up a crane during Cavar’s Construction Racket mission, go to the northern end of the third floor of the under construction building nearby.

Vargas Painting #18
Tickfaw Harbor – You will access a port warehouse during Smuggling racket. The painting is inside hung on a wall.

Vargas Painting #19
Tickfaw Harbor –  Go to Best Oil corporate headquarters, painting is on the second floor.

Vargas Painting #20
Tickfaw Harbor – Second floor of Best Oil service station in the area.

Vargas Painting #21
Frisco Fields – Look for it on the stack of folded tables in the  Yacht Club’s garden house.

Vargas Painting #22
Frisco Fields – Second floor office wall inside Bellaire’s Grocery Store.

Vargas Painting #23
Frisco Fields – When you confront Bobby Bastian during “The Privileged Die Slow” story mission, you will find this painting on the wall inside his office.

Vargas Painting #24
French Ward – Right wall of the Big Mouth Jazz and Blues nightclub.

Vargas Painting #25
French Ward – Under the Big Mouth Jazz and Blues nightclub on a wall inside the boss’s office in the tunnels.

Vargas Painting #26
French Ward – When you start killing Kinky VIPs during the “Handsome” Harry’s Sex Racket in the “Evil That Men Do” missions, go to the game room on the second floor of the motel.

Vargas Painting #27
Southdowns – Enter the shipping warehouse during Peralta’s Gambling Racket, the painting is hung on the wall.

Vargas Painting #28
Southdowns – Go to the old warehouse building in the area to find the painting on the second floor.

Vargas Painting #29
Southdowns – Second floor of Willcocks Sports and Cocktails, main office.

Vargas Painting #30
North Lake – Go to Giorgi’s Casino. The painting is on the first floor security office.

Vargas Painting #31
North Lake – Giorgi’s casino, second floor security office with the bird’s eye view of the casino.

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