Mafia 3 Infinite Ammo Exploit: How to Get Free Ammo For All Weapons

Mafia 3 Infinite ammo exploit to help you get free ammo for all weapons in the game. If you ever run out of ammo, this would be the exploit you would need!

Mafia 3 Infinite Ammo Exploit may soon be fixed but so far it is working so benefit as often as you can. There is a host of weapons in the game but you will need to pay for ammo.

Money is hard to come by in Mafia 3 so paying for the ammo can take a toll on your wallet so the exploit is also useful if you wish to save money.

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Mafia 3 Infinite Ammo Exploit

The mobile arms dealer becomes available to you early in the game when you meet Cassandra. She partnered with Clay after he killed her former boss. She is a little short tempered and may turn you in before anyone else does so keep her under control and assign her districts that suit her strengths.

Anyways, you will need to have a certain amount of money in your pocket before you can unlock different Cassandra perks. The good news is that the arms dealer becomes available to you at no cost.

You just need to partner with Cassandra and she will hook you up. How exactly does this exploit work?

Once you are out of ammo or with low ammo, you should call ammo dealer to your location and switch to a different weapon. Equip the weapon before switching back to the weapon that has low ammo. The ammo will be replenished!

Here are other perks and associates of Cassandra.

Associates and Perks

1: Gunsmith Jean-Baptiste

2: Switchboard operator Jennifer Moran

3: Arms Dealer – Jackie DuVernay

  • Mobile arms dealer – 0
  • Screaming Zemi – 30K
  • Gun accuracy upgrade – 60K
  • Shut down all phones for 5 min – 100K
  • Increased ammo capacity – 140K
  • Screaming Zemi Smoke Bomb – 180K
  • Improved stability of weapon – 220K
  • Shut down all phones for 10 min – 270K
  • Screaming Zemi exploding ability – 320K
  • Quick reload upgrade – 370K
  • Shut down all phones in the area and call for backup – 420K

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