How to Use Custom Playbooks in Madden 23

In this guide, we are going to tell you how you can create and use your own custom playbook in Madden NFL 23.

Playbooks play an essential role in Madden NFL 23. There are plenty of them like defensive playbook or offensive playbook. But the best part about playbooks is that you can even make your own customized playbook. Now you can arrange the plays according to your own play style. In this guide, we are going to tell you how you can create and use your own custom playbook in Madden 23.

How to Make a Custom Playbook in Madden 23

To begin creating your own playbook, you need to click on the NFL logo on your game’s main screen. It’s a small logo on the right of the screen. When you click on the NFL logo, there will be certain options pop up. Choose playbooks.

Now that you have clicked on playbooks, a variety of playbooks will be showing up. There will be offensive playbooks as well as defensive playbooks. You can press R1 and L1 on your PS4 controller to switch through different playbooks.

If you want to create an offensive playbook, go to playbook off and then choose a playbook. If you want a defensive playbook, do the same.

Now that you have chosen a playbook, go to My Playbook. There will be many formations and plays. You need to delete all of them by going on each formation and pressing the triangle and then clicking on ‘remove’. There are certain formations that cannot be deleted unless you have added a substitute formation for them.

After you have removed all of the plays except some which cannot be removed, go to All Plays. In All Plays, you add the formation of your choice. So browse around and see if you like any formation and play to add to your playbook.

Now after you are done adding plays from All Plays, go to the Audibles. In Audibles, you set the buttons for your game. Like which button would be for a mid-ranged pass and which for which.

Now that you have made all the settings, just press the ‘option’ button on your controller to save the playbook. You will have to set a name for your Madden 23 custom playbook. After setting the name and saving the playbook, there you go! Your customized playbook is ready.

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