Where to Farm Bloody Rod in Lost Ark

If you are tired of searching for the Blood Rod collectible in Lost Ark, worry not, because we have prepared this concise guide that will teach you where to farm the Bloody Rod in Lost Ark and provide some useful farming tips.

Where to Find the Bloody Rod in Lost Ark?

The Bloody Rod, or Bloodstained Rod, is a collectible item found in Lost Ark. It is one of the items needed to complete the Rethramis Adventurer’s Tome, which bears certain rewards upon reaching each new milestone of it. There are two methods of getting the Bloody Rod.

  • Buying it from the marketplace
  • Farming for it

To buy it from the marketplace, you have to search for “Bloodstained Rod” manually. If you cannot afford it, consider farming for it instead.

The Bloody Rod can be found in the region of Rethramis. To get the Bloody Rod, you need to defeat all the enemies in the region of Rethramis. It is a random drop item from enemies and cannot be found otherwise.

All mobs have an equal chance of dropping the Bloody Rod, despite the mob’s strength. It’s a fairly easy job, but it mainly depends on your luck, so it might take you hours and hours of grinding to find or maybe just an instant.

Not only is the Bloody Rod drop random, but it is also of an Epic (purple) rarity, which makes it even harder to find.

Lost Ark Bloody Rod Farming Tips

To find the Bloody Rod a bit quicker, you may use the following areas for farming. Remember to play on the normal mode, as playing on a higher difficulty does NOT mean a higher chance for a drop.

Loghill of Rethramis

The Loghill region of Rethramis features a higher spawn rate of bosses and regular mobs. Making it faster to farm there. You can either fight each enemy individually or lure a large amount of them and fight them all at once, but be wary of their strength in number.


Dungeons also have a higher number of enemies, and if you are strong enough to fight all of them, then you may consider farming for the Rod here. You might have a better chance of finding the Rod in the Dungeons.

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