Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons Guide

Have you been thinking of upgrading your armor or your weapon lately? One of the best ways of earning upgrades is through completing Chaos Dungeon runs. This guide will explain how to unlock, enter, and survive through a Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark.

How to Unlock and Enter Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark

Dungeon runs are fun, but they get even better in Lost Ark with the availability of Chaos Dungeons. Chaos Dungeons will send you on an enemy hunting spree and reward you with all kinds of upgrades for your weapons and armors and much more.

Chaos Dungeons unlock towards the end of the game when you’ve hit level 50. Once you’re at level 50, head to North Vern and complete Ealyn’s Request quest.

Once Chaos Dungeons have been unlocked, you can enter them and take down enemies. Entering Chaos Dungeon requires 50 energy, Aura of Resonance.

You get only 100 energy on any given day, so you get to enter Chaos Dungeons only twice.

However, if you’re willing to enter once and save up to 50 energy, you’ll get 10 energy as a bonus. And if you save up enough, you can enter the dungeons more than twice.

You can either enter the dungeon alone and have a go at it solo, or you can enter in teams of up to four characters.

However, given the strength of enemies, you’ll be facing in Chaos Dungeons, you can easily make it through solo.

Entering the dungeon in a team will increase the difficulty of the dungeon. The more members in your team, the more challenging it will be.

Therefore, if you’re doing it for the rewards only, it’s suggested that you go in solo.

Lastly, Chaos Dungeons can be entered by visiting any well-populated hub town. All you have to do is look for a golden bird-like symbol on the map. You’ll then be added to the queue for entering into Chaos Dungeons.

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Tips

Surviving Chaos Dungeons is fairly easy and simple. Your dungeon run will be divided into three different zones, each bringing a different kind of challenge.

The enemies that you’ll be facing will be quite weak. Hence, in the first zone, try taking out as many enemies as you can. Of course, the best way to do that is to group them together and then take them all out at once.

This will save you time and effort. Once all the enemies have been cleared, you’ll be able to progress to the second zone.

In the second zone, you’ll be facing a couple of mini-bosses and a world boss. Defeating them will allow you to enter the final zone of the dungeon.

In the last zone, you’ll come across rift core crystals. Destroying them will either put you up against a mini-boss or provide you with an upgrade material.

Each zone will be entered through a portal. If the portal is golden in color, then you’re in luck. It’ll lead you to a bonus zone. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t fight any enemies there.

You’ll be facing an enemy, and dealing damage to that enemy will provide you with gold and other currencies.

While you’re making your way across the dungeon, lookout for blue orbs, they’ll increase your movement speed for a limited time.

Chaos Dungeon Tiers and Rewards

Chaos Dungeons are divided into tiers. For each item that you receive, its level will be determined by the tier. Higher the tier level, the better the rewards.

Tier 1

North Vern

  • Level 1: 250 Item Level
  • Level 2: 340 Item Level
  • Level 3: 380 Item Level
  • Level 4: 420 Item Level


  • Level 1: 460 Item Level
  • Level 2: 500 Item Level
  • Level 3: 540 Item Level
  • Level 4: 580 Item Level

Tier 2


  • Level 1: 250 Item Level
  • Level 2: 340 Item Level
  • Level 3: 380 Item Level
  • Level 4: 420 Item Level


  • Level 1: 460 Item Level
  • Level 2: 500 Item Level
  • Level 3: 540 Item Level
  • Level 4: 580 Item Level

Tier 3


  • Star Level 1: 1100 Item Level
  • Star Level 2: 1310 Item Level
  • Level 3: 380 Item Level
  • Moon Level 1: 1325 Item Level
  • Moon Level 2: 1340 Item Level
  • Moon Level 3: 1355 Item Level
  • Sun Level 1: 1370 Item Level
  • Sun Level 2: 1385 Item Level
  • Sun Level 3: 1400 Item Level

Activity Rewards

Chaos Dungeons will reward you with all kinds of gear and upgrade materials such as Harmony Shards and Disorder Crystals.

Tier Currency Upgrade Material
1 Preception Shard Disorder Crystal Stone Fragments Harmony Shards Harmony Leapstone
2 Guardian Shard Contempt Crystal Stones Life Shards Life Leapstone
3 Shard of Purification Fragment of Longing Stone Crystals Honor Shards Honor Leapstone

Vendors at Chaos Dungeons

Each Chaos Dungeon that you visit will have a vendor selling certain items. The items can be bought using the currency you earned from your dungeon run.

Tier Currency Item
1 Perception Shards Disorder Crystals Harmony Shards Harmony Leapstones Stone Fragments Jewelry Engraving Books
2 Life Shards Contempt Crystals Life Shards Life Leapstones Stones Jewelry Engraving Books
3 Shards of Purification Fragments of Longing Honor Shards Honor Leapstones Stone Crystals Solar Grace Solar Protection Powder of Sage Jewelry

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