Lost Ark Bard Class Abilities, Engravings, Builds, and Tips

Primarily a support class, Bards in Lost Ark utilize their harps to serenade their party with buffs and heals. In this guide, we will tell you complete details about the Bard class in Lost Ark. We’ll outline its pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, and builds.

Lost Ark Bard Class

Bard is a dedicated support class that is viable for both Lost Ark’s PvE and PvP. This class is one to pick if you want to secure a place in the endgame content as Bards are top choice for dedicated support in both PvP and PvE. Just like other classes, this class also provides all types of buffs to the party and its main identity skill is definitely the Serenade.


Bards have a Serenade meter that, during the fight, fills by landing attack abilities. Activating Serenade once will cost you one bar and you can store up to three bars at the same time in Lost Ark Bard Class. Serenade is further divided into two types, namely the Serenade of Courage and Salvation.

Serenade of Salvation: This will Grant healing to your party members.

Serenade of Courage: This will increase the attack damage for you and all of your party members.

For mastering the bard Class, you have to learn when to use the special Serenade songs.

Bard Strengths and Weaknesses

Below we have listed both the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Bard Class.


The first and the most important strength of this class is that it is a dedicated support class in the game. A must-have in a party that can support your team in both PvP and PvE.


This class doesn’t output much damage and is relatively fragile.

Best Bard Skills and Tripods

Below we have listed the best skills Bard has and the tripods associated with them as well.

Sound Shock

This skill will launch a sphere of light that explodes after some time and causes AoE damage to the enemies. Quickly Prepare and Holy Shock Tripods work very well with this skill. One will reduce the cooldown time and the other will help in inflicting debuff so you can deal 10% more damage to the enemies.

Wind of Music

This skill will do magical damage and knock back enemies when hit them. The best tripods to use with this skill are Quickly Prepare, melody Increase, and Wind of Protection.

Quickly Prepare helps in reducing the cooldown time and Melody Increase will give you more chord energy.  The last Tripod Wind of Protection will work as a shield for you and your team. It lasts for around 4 seconds.


Soundholic is a skill that does a leader beam-type attack for dealing damage to the enemies. You can use the Tripods like Focus Sound, Enhanced Duration, and Concentrated Fire with this skill.

With Focus sound each hit made by the beam damage will increase from 5% to around 30%. You can use the Enhanced Duration Tripod for increasing the duration of that skill.

The last tripod that works well with this skill is Concentrated Fire with it you can increase the amount of damage, but the duration of the skill will be shortened. But it will not harm you since the amount of damage is increased by a huge margin.

Overture of Storm

This skill will not only deal damage to the enemies, but also stuns them for 3 seconds of time. The best Tripods you can use with this skill are Quickly Prepare, Melody Increase, and Powerful Overture.

We have discussed about the first tripods already and you know what they do. The last tripod for this skill is Powerful Overture and this will reduce the stun duration of the attack but increase its ability to deal damage.

Heavenly Performance

This is a pretty good skill of Bard class. It will not only deal damage to enemies it hit but also to the surrounding enemies. This will also increase the attack speed of your team and increase the mana regen.

Quickly Prepare, Strong Performance, and Intense Performance are the best Tripods for this skill.  They will increase the cooldown time and increase the attack speed as well. The intense performance will increase the attack power of this skill.

Harp of Rhythm

This skill will create a harp that will deal damage within a small radius. Summoned Will, Melody Increase, and Stigma notes are the best Tripods for this skill. Summoned Will decreases the skill cooldown by 5 seconds and with Stigma Notes enemies will take 10% more damage because of the debuff.

Sound Wave Vibration

This skill will not only deal damage to the enemies but also knock them into the air. It has a long-lasting AoE effect and extra damage is dealt to the enemies when they fell onto the ground. Protection Vibration, Brilliant Soundwave, and Wide Attack are the best Tripods that you can use with this skill.

They will create a shield around the bard that will absorb the damage and your allies will get extra speed for a short time if they are also within the radius. The wide attack tripod will increase the size of the abilities radius by 40%.

Indomitable Performance

The last skill on our best skills list for Bard is Indomitable Performance which works very well with Tripods like Tenacity and Endless Protection. Tenacity will reduce the skill cooldown by 5 seconds and Endless Protection will create a shield around Bard and allies so it will protect them from enemy attacks.

Bard Engravings

Each class character has its engravings in Lost Ark, which give you the ability to specialize in a certain aspect of your class. Below we have listed the engravings available for Bard.

True Courage

This engraving will increase the outgoing damage of Serenade of Courage by 20% and increase the critical rate by 10%. It is not a bad engraving to have.

Desperate Salvation

This engraving really helps in healing you once your recovery status ends if you have this engraving an additional effect will activate which will recover 24% of your max HP.

Lost Ark Best Bard Builds

Bard PvE Build

To get through PvE you’ll want to maximize the amount of damage, you do to the enemies. This build will make you a proper Bard fighter. The skills you will need to make the max damage output build are given below.


  • Dissonance
  • Heavenly Tune
  • Prelude of Death
  • Sonic Vibration
  • Sound Shock
  • Sound Wave
  • Soundholic
  • Stigma


  • Dissonance: Melody Increase, Law of the Jungle, Harmony Enhancement
  • Heavenly Tune: Quick Preparation, Tough Tune, Intense Tune
  • Prelude of Death: Passionate Applause, Death Amplification, Aria of Death
  • Sonic Vibration: Tenacity, Chain Vibration
  • Sound Shock: Quick Preparation, Sacred Shock
  • Sound Wave: Agile Cast, Melody Increase. Ground Crush
  • Soundholic: Sound Concentration, Sustain Enhancement, Focus Fire
  • Stigma: Sustain Enhancement, Brilliant Stigma. Pain Brand

Bard PvP Build

This is the Bard PvP healer build for you so you can deal damage from both a long-distance as well as by getting into close encounters with the enemies. Below you will find all the skills required for this build.


  • Dissonance
  • Heavenly Tune
  • Prelude of Storm
  • Sonic Vibration
  • Sound Shock
  • Soundholic
  • Stigma
  • Wind of Music


  • Dissonance: Melody Increase, Law of the Jungle
  • Heavenly Tune: Quick Preparation, Tough Tune, Intense Tune
  • Prelude of Storm: Quick Preparation, Melody Increase, Powerful Prelude
  • Sonic Vibration: Tenacity, Chain Vibration, Spreading Vibration
  • Sound Shock: Maintained Explosion, Sacred Shock
  • Soundholic: Sound Concentration, Sustain Enhancement, Focus Fire
  • Stigma: Wide: angle Attack, Brilliant Stigma, Pain Brand
  • Wind of Music: Quick Preparation, Melody Increase, Wind of Protection

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