Lords Of The Fallen Umbral Tome Location

Find the Umbral Tome to unlock a spell and class.

The Umbral Tome is an important and easily missable item in Lords of the Fallen. It is an old book that is used to progress in the Exacter Dunmire’s questline. Finding the Umbral Tome is essential for two reasons. First, it will unlock the Lucent Beam Spell. Secondly, it is also a required item for unlocking the Dark Crusader class.

Where to find the Umbral Tome in LOTF

You need to start from the Vestige of Hooded Antuli in Sunless Skein Mines. Once you spawn, turn right and move a little ahead. Here, you will spot a tunnel on the left side. Enter this tunnel with rail tracks and continue to move forward.

This will take you to the wooden stairs. Continue to climb up the stairs, and at the very end, you will spot a wooden beam connecting to the platform on the other side.

Be careful, as there is a mage fighter over there who is capable of using range magical attacks in Lords of the Fallen. Take out the fighter and enter the Umbral Realm. Enter through the set of bars and get onto a new platform containing an Umbral Belly.

Using Soulflay on this stigma will drop the Umbral Tome in Lords of the Fallen. Once you have obtained the Umbral Tome, return to the Exacter Dunmire and give it to him.

There is an issue that sometimes Dunmire would not take the Tome from you. That is because you need to actually begin the quest by giving him the very first item in the order. You need to provide him with the previous quest items before moving forward to give him the other ones.


As soon as Dunmire accepts the Umbral Tome, you’ll unlock the Lucent Beam Spell.

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