How To Unlock Dark Crusader Class In Lords Of The Fallen

Unlock the Dark Crusader class and get the chance to play with a strong and cool character.

The Dark Crusader is an unlockable class in Lords of the Fallen. It is unlocked pretty far in the game and has a longsword as its primary weapon. This makes it a sharp and powerful class that can seriously damage enemies.

I will help you unlock this class in LOTF and decide whether you should go for it or not.

How to get Dark Crusader Class in Lords of the Fallen

If you have purchased the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of the game, you will get this class from the start. If not, and you’ve chosen the standard edition, you must unlock it within the game by completing the required tasks.

You must complete the Paladin Isaac’s questline to unlock the Dark Crusader class. Below are all the steps you need to complete to get this class.

1. Get Flayed Skin – Abandoned Redscope

You can start this quest by getting the Flayed Skin in the first area. Go to where you defeated the tutorial Lightreaper boss, Holy Bulwark Otto, and select the right path in the two parallel paths. Keep going through this path until you rewatch the cliff. Here, you’ll find the Flayed Skin.

2. Soulfly the four Umbral Stigmas

Next, find the four Umbral stigmas that need to be interacted with, and only then can you proceed. You’ll need to Soulfly these points as they trigger the memories of Isaac, the Paladin whom you’ll meet later. Here’s how you can find all of them.

  • Lower Calrath: Go to the Vestige point, turn around, and look near it to find the stairs. Go to the Umbral world and cross the bridge. On the other side, you’ll find the first Umbral stigma in the form of Isaac kneeling. This one will give you a Wooden Dark Crusader Cross in LOTF.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: This is also near the Vestige Point. First, get the Fief Key by talking to Andreas. This will give you access to the arena; from there, you’ll reach the vestige point. Again, you’ll see the form of Isaac.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: Complete the entire area needed for the storyline by defeating the story boss. Then go down the Tower with the Beacon until you exit it from the other end. Cross the bridge, and you’ll find this third stigma ahead of the Lighreaper’s arena.
  • Path of Devotion: Start from the Vestige point and run along the path towards the open areas with many enemies. This area is a hill, so follow the path until you reach a cliff. Here, you’ll notice some blue butterflies. Change to the Umbral realm, and you’ll find the Umbra stigma of Isaac in Lords of the Fallen.

This last stigma now gives you access to another area a little away from the spot. Go down the path until you reach the base. Killing the enemies littered here is optional, but it’s best to do so as it clears you of any threat.

Now, keep going until you see an extendable bridge. Make sure you are in the Umbral to see this bridge. Cross it and interact with the vestige point in this arena. This will initiate a fight.

3. Paladin’s Burden Fight

Once you interact with the umbral Stigma in the middle of the arena, the mini-boss fight will start against Paladin’s Burden, who is Isaac. Defeating him is pretty easy, as his attacks are pretty slow. Just run around and wait for him to charge.

As he starts his attack by swinging the sword, move away and land your hit. You can get into this fight with a companion as one can defend while others attack.

Sometimes, the fight is affected by a bug that causes your spells to be useless. This can happen sometimes, but once you notice the spells are going to waste, switch to melee attacks, as they work okay in this fight.

4. Get Isaac’s Gears

Now that you have both Flayed Skins, return to where you got the first Flayed Skin. Go to the Umbral Realm, and you’ll notice a door here. Open the door using the Umbral Flayed Skin. This will reveal a landing with stairs leading down.

On this landing, you’ll find the equipment that usually comes with selecting the Dark Crusader class in Lords of the Fallen. The equipment includes:

  • Paladin Isaac’s Sword – Long Sword
  • Paladin Helm – Heavy Head Armour
  • Paladin Armour – Heavy Torso Armour
  • Paladin Gauntlets – Heavy Arm Armour
  • Paladin Leggings – Heavy Legs Armor
  • Paladin Isaac’s Rosary – Quest Item

5. Summon Isaac in the fight against The Lightreaper

You must defeat the Lightreaper in the Upper Calrath for the final step. Fighting this boss is part of the storyline, so you’ll get to this point as you progress the story. You may not be very effective against this boss, so it is better to have help, and you can get it in the form of Isaac, the Paladin’s Burden boss.

Summon Isaac; he’ll help you defeat Lightreaper and complete the requirements for unlocking the Dark Crusader class. Make sure you summon Isaac and spare Lightreaper only in this fight. If one of these is not fulfilled, you won’t be able to experience the game with the Dark Crusader class.

Dark Crusader Class Stats

This class can learn radiant powers, making it equally adequate for using magic spells. The class also has relatively heavy armor that aids strength and endurance.

  • Strength – 12
  • Agility – 8
  • Endurance – 14
  • Vitality – 14
  • Radiance – 11
  • Inferno – 8

Unfortunately, Dark Crusader is not very good for ranged fights unless spells are used that help in weakening the enemy far away. But no worries, as it can make up for this by being proficient in attacking and charging with the longsword, landing deadly attacks continuously.

Is Unlocking Dark Crusader Worth it?

The Dark Crusader may look like a normal class with low Dexterity, but due to its high stats for other aspects, it’s not a bad one. Also, if the issue is with just the Dexterity, you can increase it just like you increase or boost other stats when needed.

This class has a powerful longsword with heavy armor and other important items. Ultimately, it all comes down to the type of playthrough you, as a player, would like to experience. Besides stats, Dark Crusader has a few theories surrounding its lore.

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