How To Get Lucent Beam In Lords Of The Fallen

Find the item Dunmire wants, and you will get the Lucent Beam.

The Lucent Beam spell in Lords of the Fallen is a strong beam with a good range. The flare or width isn’t much, but other factors make up for it. It has 22 radiance with no mana cost, making it a good spell.

It can do much damage even to the best bosses. Its constant beam takes down a lot of health, making the fights much easier than expected. The Lucent beam in LOTF lasts for a few seconds, making it a highly favorable spell choice, especially for later-game boss fights.

But before purchasing this spell, you must fulfill some conditions, which we will discuss below.

Lords of the Fallen Lucent Beam Location

To get the Lucent Beam spell, you must talk to Exacter Dunmire and buy it from him. However, getting it isn’t as easy as it sounds. He won’t give you the option to get it unless you’ve progressed further enough in his questline.

Once you reach the right point, he’ll ask you to find and bring him the Umbral Tome. If you don’t know where to find him, go to any vestige point and teleport to Skyrest. Find the empty study room, and you’ll find him in there.

If this is your first time meeting him, talk to him and complete the quests until you reach the point where he asks you for the Umbral Tome in Lords of the Fallen. If not, go up to him and talk, and he’ll automatically present the request.


How to find the Umbral Tome for Dunmire

Once the conversation ends, use the Vestige to go to the Hooded Antuli in Sunless Skein. From the vestige point, turn around and go back. This will lead you to a closed door at the end of the corridor. From here, turn left, and you’ll end up in a tunnel in Lord of the Fallen.

Go through this tunnel until you reach an open area in Upper Calrath. You’ll find some enslaved miners here, so free them and proceed upstairs. Once on top, go towards the platform’s edge until you see a wooden beam with an enemy.

Defeat him by jumping down. Now go into the Umbral realm and look for a stone platform on your right. This platform would be attached to an opening. Jump on this platform and find an Umbral point here. Soulflay it, and you’ll obtain the item you were looking for: the Umbral Tome.

Give the Umbral Tome to Dunmire and Get Lucent Beam

Now take this tome back to Exacter Dunmire via Vestige point to Skyrest. Talk to him and give him the item. After the conversation ends, pass the time for the next progression. Now, you can either rest or teleport to another place and return.

After either of those, look for him in a new place. From the vestige point, turn right and go up to the first room you see. The room was previously of Molhu, but now he’ll be there. Talk to him and select a purchase. You’ll find Lucent beam spells in Lords of the Fallen in his inventory.

The spells cost 1650, so make sure you have enough. Now, you can use it on all enemies to see it in action. This one is best for you if you plan to get a strong spell.

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