How To Free The Tortured Prisoner In Lords Of The Fallen

Tortured Prisoner is actually royalty.

As you are exploring the Skyrest Bridge area in Lords of the Fallen 2, you will eventually run into a tortured prisoner locked up within one of the cells in the crypt. Interact with her to start the side quest to Free the Tortured Prisoner. But the question is, how are you actually supposed to let this prisoner out of her cell?

If you are tempted to ignore her, I would strongly advise against it. The tortured prisoner in Lords of the Fallen is the first NPC in the game who can teach you Inferno spells and acts as a merchant if you are interested in infernal magic. On top of that, she can also be used as a summon against certain boss fights. With that in mind, it is definitely worth the time and effort to do the side quest and free the tortured prisoner in LotF.

How to free the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen

Before you can free the Tortured Prisoner, you need two very important items: the Skyrest Bridge Key and Searing Accusation.

How to get the Skyrest Bridge Key

After entering the castle where Skyrest Bridge is located, search for the Skyrest Bridge door. You’ll need a key to unlock this door, so follow these steps to find the Skyrest Bridge key.

  • Go all the way to the end of the opposite side of the door. Interact with the Umbral skeleton present there.
  • From there, keep the Umbral Lamp on and turn right. You’ll see a spine stairs leading up the area.
  • Once you reach the end, turn off the lamp so you can drop down into the secret space. Go to the end of it and cast a spell on the Umbral tumor to bring the spine connecting your platform to another.
  • Now go to this next platform and turn left to another spine stairs. This will lead to a small platform
  • Interact with the entity on this platform, and you’ll get your Skyrest Bridge Key.
  • Go back to the right and interact with the Umbral skeleton to change the dimension. You can now open the door using the Skyrest Bridge Key.

Once inside, you will need to solve an Umbral dimension puzzle as the next step in freeing the locked-up prisoner in Lords of the Fallen (2023)

How to solve the Umbral puzzle and get Searing Accusation

To solve the Umbral puzzle, you’ll need to destroy five Umbral tumors scattered around the bridge area. But first, you need to travel to the Umbral dimension to be able to see them.


For the first one, you can reach it while coming down the stairs after meeting the Tortured Prisoner. Jump towards the platform with the statue and look behind it on the wall. You can also see this from the bridge. Just look up towards the right side, and you’ll see the mark on the wall.

Lords of the Fallen Searing Accusation

For the second one, look below the bridge, and you’ll spot one by the platform. Once destroyed, the platform will move, so jump on it.

Lords of the Fallen Searing Accusation

Next, look at the upper right side, and the third Umbral tumor is present there.

Lords of the Fallen Searing Accusation

The fourth one is also here; just look down towards the platform with the ladder, and you’ll see this one. This will also pull you towards the ladder, so use it to climb up.

Lords of the Fallen Searing Accusation

For the last one, climb up the ladder present in the middle of the bridge. Once up, you’ll notice the tumor on your right. Destroy it, and the flower in front of you will crumble.

Lords of the Fallen Searing Accusation

This will reveal a corpse which, upon destruction, will give you the Searing Accusation. This is an item that will free the Tortured Prisoner.

With the item, go back to the spiral stairs and find the Tortured Prisoner. Interact with her and give her the Searing Accusation. You are done here for now. You can either search the rest of the area or go back to a nearby vestige and rest.

After resting, go back to where you fought Pieta, and you will find the Tortured Prisoner standing next to the entrance. Talk to her to complete the quest. This will allow you access to her Inferno magic inventory and give you the Tortured Prisoner’s Head Cage and Calrath’s Noble Bow pose as a reward.

From this point onward, the Tortured (now freed) Prisoner will move to different locations depending on where you are in the story of Lords of the Fallen.

Where to find Tortured Prisoner after you free her

As mentioned already, the first time you will meet the Tortured Prisoner is in her cell, and after freeing her, she will be next to Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal’s boss arena. As you progress further, she will move to different locations in the game, typically near boss arenas, so you can summon her to help you out against bosses.

Below are all the locations I have discovered so far where the Tortured Prisoner moves to after being freed in Lords of the Fallen. At each of these locations, you can interact with her and give her certain items to progress further in the Tortured Prisoner’s questline and unlock A Queen’s Rest achievement after you fully complete the quest.

Arena of Spurned Progeny

For the first encounter, you’ll need to go to Lower City Slums and fight Spurned Progeny. Defeat the Spurned Progeny and get the Giant Eyeball. Afterward, go to Upper Calrath and get the Noblewoman set from there. Wear the outfit and go back to where you fought Spurned Progeny and you will see the Tortured Prisoner standing there.

Talk to her and give her the Giant Eyeball so you can purchase more Inferno spells from her. After this step in the quest, she will move to Upper Calrath and you will have to find her there.

Second Beacon, Upper Calrath

This is her new location, so find her here. Now, she is equipped with more spells like the Cataclysm spell and Fire Hound summon spell. Apart from your spells and gear, she will reward you with Elegant Perfume. This item is effective to be used against The Sundered Monarch. The boss gets stunned when you use the Elegant Perfume.

Bramis Castle

Find the Charred Letter, near the Vestige of Bloody Pilgrim, before opening Bramis Castle. Once you have found it, go back to Upper Calrath where the Tortured Prisoner was, and give her the letter. This will cause her to move to Bramis Castle. You can buy stuff from her at the Vestige of Bloody Pilgrim. This is also the last spot where you can buy items from her, so make sure you purchase everything you need. You can return here later to pick up a Catalyst after completing the Free the Tortured Prisoner quest.

Now that the Tortured Prisoner is in Bramis Castle in Lords of the Fallen, make your way to the King’s Bedroom. For that, you will need the Royal Key. Once you have the key, enter the bedroom and pick up the Swaddling Cloth from the baby cradle.

With the swaddling cloth in your possession, go back to where the Tortured Prisoner was and give her the item. Now you are ready to finish her quest and find out the truth about her.

Head to the Throne Room and defeat The Sundered Monarch. Remember the Elegant Perfume you got earlier? Make sure to use it here to stun the boss for a short while. Once the boss has been defeated, look for an NPC at the top of the stairs. Talk to her. Turns out the Tortured Prisoner was actually Queen Sophesia of Mournstead. You have been helping a royalty all this time!

As a token of appreciation for helping her, the Queen, or Tortured Prisoner, will give you Queen Sophesia’s Ring that regens mana and health. With this, the Tortured Prisoner’s questline ends, and you unlock A Queen’s Rest achievement in Lords of the Fallen.

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