How To Get The Skyrest Bridge Key In Lords Of The Fallen

Another key to access another secret area.

The Skyrest Bridge Key not only unlocks a hidden area in Lords of the Fallen but also creates a shortcut through the Skyrest Bridge Tower. This is one of several other keys like the Pilgrim’s Perch Key that unlocks special doors for rewards.

It can help players create shortcuts through the Skyrest Bridge Tower in the Umbral Realm as well as loot items such as Vigor, Umbral Scouring, and the infamous Descrier Armor set.

Finding the Key is not going to be easy though. You will have to reveal a hidden bridge to cross a chasm, defeat enemies along the way, and jump through a few other hoops.

The Skyrest Bridge Key location in Lords of the Fallen

The first thing you need to do is gain access to the main hub. This can be done by defeating Pieta after completing the opening area of the game.

Once the path is clear, make your way to the Skyrest Bridge in Lords of the Fallen. You can speak with some of the characters here if you are interested in a bit of lore.

Cross the Skyrest Bridge and enter the main hub where you will find a Vestige of Chabui. We recommend activating this Vestige and traveling to the Sanctuary of Baptism.


Exit the sanctuary and take a right. Keep going until you see a ladder that you can climb down to a series of wooden platforms. There are going to be a lot of enemies here trying to kick you off the platform, so take your time and move along the wooden platforms until you reach an elevator.

Take the elevator up. When you get off, go straight along the narrow path before taking a left and then a right to face a dead-end.

The dead end is just a trap to keep outsiders away. Take out your lantern, and without switching to Umbral, shine it at the dead end where a bridge will show up. Keep your lantern equipped until you see a rocky platform beneath you.

Drop down on the platform and shine your lantern again at the dead end to form a bridge. Once you’ve crossed the bridge, you’ll find an Umbrella Belly stuck to the mountain. Shine your Soulflay at it to create a path leading you toward the Lords of the Fallen Skyrest Bridge key.

Use your Umbral Lamp to create a bridge to the Skyrest Key.

The last step in order to attain the Skyrest Bridge Key is to use your Soulflay once again on the statue located in the middle of the second bridge.

Use the Soulflay and get your hands on the Skyrest Bridge Key in Lords of the Fallen. However, do be careful as two shadow enemies will attack you while wielding dual katanas.

The Skyrest Bridge Key doors in LotF

Now that you’ve acquired the Skyrest Bridge key, it’s time to test what the fuss is all about. Run straight from the statue where you just got the key and take a right to find a statue that takes you back to the Axiom Realm.

Once you spawn back, walk straight and then turn right where you’ll find a locked door which is now unlocked due to the Skyrest Bridge key.

Enter through the door and explore the secret area to open up all the Skyrest Bridge Key doors that lead to the Skyrest Bridge in Lords of the Fallen while finding a boatload of Vigors and unique items along the way.

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