How To Use Magic In Lords Of The Fallen

Why use melee when you can cast spells.

Along with weapons, Lords of the Fallen also provides players with a considerable number of spells for a mage build. In a world like this, magic is needed for various reasons ranging from instant damage to healing yourself. Every type of magic in Lords of the Fallen (2023) provides a different aspect to the players, and they can choose what to learn and what to not.

Of course, based on your build and playstyle, you will probably only learn and master just one type of magic, but before you decide which one to learn, let us break down all three schools of magic in Lords of the Fallen.

Types of Magic

The magic in Lord of the Fallen 2 is divided into three types of magical schools. These types are based on the type of spells a specific type of school has, along with the aesthetic aura of its application and origin. The three schools or types of magic are Radiant, Infernal, and Umbral.

Radiant Magic basically consists of spells that can buff weapons, armor, or items or be healing. They are like wishes that can aid you when cast. Radiant magic requires a Radiance Catalyst and has the largest range of spells covering or upgraded versions needed in gameplay.

The second is Inferno Magic, which requires an Inferno Catalyst. This magic, as stated in the name, is fire magic or pyromancy. All of its spells are damage-based and can seriously damage the opponent. There are 20 spells in this type, with every spell increasing in its damage.

The last type is Umbral Magic, which naturally requires an Umbral Catalyst. This magic is based on the concept of Darkness and dark magic. The spells are a mix of damaging and buffing qualities but a little different in their application. Some Umbral spells can increase the attack or defense of the player by affecting the weapons. For the damaging spells, they are more like flash bombs, air strikes that can weaken the enemy. They are not really heavy spells but can give you enough time to land your hit and wither the enemy.


If you want, you can stick to one magic type in Lords of the Fallen and excel in it. You can choose to learn and master other magical types and spells as well, but it will require a lot of extra grinding, which could leave your primary magic type weak. Make sure you only dabble in multiple magic styles if you are confident about being able to use them during tough fights.

How to learn magic in Lords of the Fallen

To learn magic in Lords of the Fallen 2, you first need the equipment required for it. All three magic schools have different NPCs to interact with who would give you gear related to each one.

For inferno magic, the spells can be unlocked as the game progresses, but you can get your hands on one early on in the game. Under the Skyrest Bridge, you’ll find a prisoner behind bars. Once freed, you’ll be able to interact with her and get infernal spells from her.

How To Use Magic In Lords Of The Fallen

Radiance and Umbral magic are both in the same area. They are basically the Yin and Yang, so their locations are closer to one another. Head left of the Skyrest Castle vestige and find a staircase that leads both upwards and down.

If you go to the upper level, you’ll find Molhu. Here, you’ll come across a different setting with a portal to the Umbral dimension. Use Umbral Lamp to go in and meet Molhu. He will have all the gear regarding Umbral spells.

How To Use Magic In Lords Of The Fallen

Lastly, go down the stairs, and you’ll find Dunmire there. Talk to him and get access to all Radiance-related gear.

How to cast spells in Lords of the Fallen

For casting magic or spells, the first thing you need to understand is that you need a catalyst for the magic to happen in the form of spells. These catalysts are different for each school of magic and can be found or purchased along the journey of your gameplay. Each catalyst has specific slots where you can put the magic in to use it. Here are the best catalysts for each magic type in Lords of the Fallen:

School of MagicCatalystScale IncreaseLocation
RadianceExacter ScriptureS scale after 9 pointsFound in Upper Calrath
InfernoRhogar HeartA+ scale after 9 pointsDrops from Conflagrant Seer enemy
UmbralLost Berescu CatalystA scale after 9 pointsFound in Revelation Depths.

After getting a catalyst in Lords of the Fallen, equip the catalyst in the third slot for it to be used as a weapon. Here, you’ll notice more slots appear. Use these slots for the spell you want to cast. Each one of these slots is mapped to a specific control button, so place them accordingly.

Use the controller-specific buttons to activate the catalyst and then press the assigned number to cast that specific spell. Each catalyst has a different number of slots, so the number of spells you can equip varies based on your catalyst.

So, in summary, to cast spells in Lords of the Fallen:

  • Equip a catalyst and its corresponding spells
  • Press Up on D-pad to switch to the catalyst instead of your other weapons
  • Aim with the left triggers of your controller to select where you want to cast the spell
  • Press the button corresponding to the spell you want to cast

How to regen mana after using magic

Magic Spells in Lords of the Fallen come with a cost, and that is Mana. The Mana bar is indicated by the blue color bar beneath the health bar. As you cast spells, Mana is used, which can act as a limit to the amount of spells that can be cast at once.

Once you get the hang of spells, they become part of the battles and usual adventures. This may make the replenishing of mana quite an important task. Here are a few ways you can replenish your mana.

  • Resting by any Vestige can fill up your mana along with other concerns like health. This is an effective option, but resting is not always possible.
  • You can also use consumables to refill your mana. This is the best option if you are in a battle and don’t have time. The item is called Manastone Cluster, which can be purchased or found easily.
  • There is also a mana regen ring called Manastone Ring, which can increase your mana regeneration.

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