How To Defeat The Mendacious Visage In Lords Of The Fallen

To defeat the Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen, you must expose his face and then attack.

Mendacious Visage is an optional boss you will encounter in the game. This boss relies heavily on melee and AoE attacks and applies the Frostbite debuff with them. The Visage is immune to attacks while the face is closed but can offer the chance of a stagger if its face is open.

Despite being a challenging boss, you can defeat the Visage if you go about it smartly. This guide will tell you exactly how to do that.

Lords of the Fallen Mendacious Visage Location 

lords of the fallen mendacious visage

This boss can be encountered in the Forsaken Fen area. From the Vestige of Valade, follow the path on your right through the cave. The path will be lined with enemies and it is up to you if you want to take them out or run past them.

Follow along the path and climb down the stairs to your right. Continue on the path ahead, and once you reach a fork in the path, keep on your way instead of turning left. There will be some stick figures up ahead. From here, turn right to the stairs. There will be two enemies guarding the stairs. Climb up the stairs and turn right. You will come across a closed door.

If you’re in the Axiom realm, switch to the Umbral realm. You can reach the door with the help of some root extensions providing a path. The door will be closed initially, and you will need to open it by using Soulflay. Once in the arena, the game will give you a prompt to return to the Axiom realm, as the Visage can only be encountered there. 

There are also other locations known to spawn this boss. These locations are Fitzroy’s Gorge, Sunless Skein, Lower Calrath, Bramis Castle, Revelation Depths, and Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.  


What are the weaknesses of the Mendacious Visage? 

The Mendacious Visage is weak to Poison damage, and you can use this weakness to deal greater amounts of damage. He is also vulnerable to Inferno spells seeing that he is a frost-based boss that deals frost damage.

How to defeat Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen

mendacious visage lords of the fallen

This boss fight doesn’t have any phases, but it gradually turns up the difficulty in terms of the damage the boss can inflict. There are quite a few things to remember about this boss before you go and slay him down. 

First off, he will appear to be using melee attacks. Notice that all of these attacks will not be limited to just his fists and body. He will create an AoE, which will have the Frostbite Debuff. So, make sure you are not anywhere near the monster once it unleashes its attacks. There will be two more enemies in the arena. Make sure you get rid of them beforehand as they will continuously interrupt you.

mendacious visage fight lords of the fallen

The second thing is that he will be immune to all and any damage you inflict on him from the front while his face is closed. It will remain closed for most of the fight. So start circling to his back. The most successful way of doing this is to dodge sideways when he attacks.

The Visage is slow so that gives you a big enough window to maneuver. The boss will eventually open his face up to reveal a humanoid figure in the middle. This is the time when he will start to use his Frostbite Spells. The most common spells he will use are: Spawn Larvae and Soul Spell.

In Spawn Larvae, he will explode like a bomb and create larvae scattered throughout the arena. These larvae have a short spawn time frame, and they will explode giving out the debuff. The Soul Spell is somewhat difficult to dodge. Initially, the spell will have almost three to four charges coming after you.

The number will decrease as the fight progresses, but their damage and speed will increase. To avoid these attacks, you go for two options; either let the charges come closer and dodge to the side, or start sprinting across the field as soon. 

You can backstab the boss until he finally decides to open up his face. Once he does, using Soulflay will cause him to stagger. Ensure you’re not too far away because the stagger does not last for. You can go with a more aggressive approach where you can soulflay his face open.

Rewards of defeating Mendacious Visage: 

You can obtain the following rewards: 

  • Mask of Wrath 
  • Vestige Seed 
  • Precision Hammer 
  • 6000 Vigor 

Where to go after defeating Mendacious Visage:

There are plenty of options to explore, but the best one would be to continue your storyline. You can go back to the Vestige of Valade to further your storyline and see it through to the end. Fighting or not fighting this boss has no effect on the main storyline. So if you’re concerned about it getting in your way, feel free to do whatever your heart wants. 

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