How To Get The Bowl Of Revelations In Lords Of The Fallen

Offer Remembrances to unlock boss weapons.

The Bowl of Revelations is an important quest item in Lords of the Fallen which unlocks the ability to obtain powerful boss weapons.

When you defeat any boss in LotF, you get their Remembrance; similar to how it worked in Elden Ring. You can then offer these Remembrances to unlock unique boss weapons, but only after getting (and using) the Bowl of Revelations. You will also unlock various armor, spells, and consumables.

Here’s what you need to do.

The Bowl of Revelations’ location in Lords of the Fallen

The starting point in your hunt for the Bowl of Revelation is Pilgrim’s Perch. From there onwards, continue until you reach the Vestige of Blind Agatha.

From here, you will need to get down to the lower levels. You can do that by climbing down the ladder, then going down another one to your left, and continuing straight on the path in front of you.

After a short distance, you’ll see another ladder being guarded by an enemy with large spikes on its head. Avoid the enemy and go down that ladder as well.


At this point, you will come across yet another ladder, but before you take it, it is necessary that you enter the Umbral realm. Once you do that, take the ladder down, and you will see a statue glowing blue.

You can choose to kill the enemies there, or simply avoid them and Soulflay the statue using your lantern from a distance, after which the statue will drop the Bowl of Revelations and along with it, a couple of Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen.

How to use the Bowl of Revelations in LotF

Using the Bowl of Revelations is relatively simple. Once you get it, go to Molhu. There, you will receive a prompt guiding you to give the Bowl to him, which you should agree to. This will unlock boss weapons and items in the game for you.

You need to give the Bowl of Revelations to Molhu in Lords of the Fallen.

If you accidentally choose to “Do Nothing” after receiving this prompt, you can still give the Bowl of Revelations to Molhu later in LotF.

All you have to do is go to him again and press talk, which will once again give you the prompt to hand the Bowl of Revelations over.

Note that to get Boss items, you will need the remembrance of the bosses you defeat, which you can get from their statues once you enter the Umbral Realm. Secondly, you will need Umbral scouring to actually purchase the items.

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