How To Respec In Lords Of The Fallen

Reset your stats to optimize character builds.

Similar to other Souls games, you will eventually need to respec your character in Lords of the Fallen. This can be due to a new weapon that you do not have the stats for or maybe you are just looking to reset your build for an alternative playstyle.

The good news is that LotF does feature a rather straightforward way to reset your character stats. The bad news is that it requires you to obtain an incredibly rare and limited consumable item.

How to respec and reset stats in Lords of the Fallen

The option to respec will not be available to you at the start of the game. What you need to do is first beat Pieta in the opening area. This will be your first major boss fight which may prove a bit challenging if you are still familiarizing yourself with the game.

After you have defeated Pieta, you will gain access to the main player hub. You are going to be spending a lot of time here.

Head inside the hub and speak with Pieta again. Do not worry. She will not be hostile this time around. Exhaust her dialogues and she will offer you a few services, including a way to “Reset Build” by using a Rebirth Chrysalis in Lords of the Fallen.

Rebirth Chrysalis is a consumable item in LotF similar to the Larval Tears of Elden Ring. Every time you want to reset your build or redistribute your skill points, you will need to consume one Chrysalis Rebirth by coming to Pieta.


They are, however, limited in number and extremely rare to find, at least in the early-mid game. Once you have fully leveled up the Umbral Shrine, you can purchase an infinite number of Rebirth Chrysalis but at a very high cost.

Do note that if the option to respec is greyed out, it means that you do not have a Rebirth Chrysalis in your inventory.

You can get your first Rebirth Chrysalis from Molhu who is located pretty close to Pieta. Switch to the Umbral Realm and take the stairs opposite to Pieta to find Molhu. He is basically a vendor or merchant NPC in Lords of the Fallen who will always have a Rebirth Chrysalis for sale for 8,000 vigor.

Winterberry is another NPC in LotF that will sell you another Chrysalis Rebirth but this will be near the end-game.

If you are short of vigor, you can loot a couple of Rebirth Chrysalis’ for free from one of the upper cells in the Tower of Penance and a ruined village down the river after defeating the Fief boss.

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