How To Get And Use Odd Stone In Lords Of The Fallen

Learn about the special use of the Odd Stone.

The Odd Stone is a unique item that you will find while progressing in Lords of the Fallen. Getting this item is not difficult, but most players don’t know where to use it. Before telling you about its uses, let’s learn how you can get it. From the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch, jump down and go out from the door by the table.

Turn right, climb down this ladder, and be prepared to fight a few enemies. It’s better to clear the area so you can move around quickly. Now, cross the bridge, and from the other side, jump down and look under it.

If you are in the original world, you’ll notice some butterflies dancing around a spot to signal an Umbral Stigma. Turn to the Umbral realm in Lords of the Fallen to have access to it. If not, you’ll see an umbral stigma that you need to Soulflay in LOTF.

A dialogue will start with a woman talking or comforting someone named Elianne. Once done, you’ll get the Odd Stone along with the usual Umbral Scourings.

How to use the Odd Stone in Lords of the Fallen

Once you have the Odd Stone in your possession, go back to any Vestige and teleport to Skyrest. Find Pieta, who’ll most likely be just beside the vestige point. Interact with her and wait for her to exhaust her dialogue until you get the option “Use the Odd Stone.”

This will trigger additional dialogues in which she’ll reveal how she was taken care of by a woman named Iris. You can go back and talk to Pieta multiple times to learn more about the story related to this stone and the kind woman. But you can only do this three times.


An Alternate Use of Odd Stone

After talking to Pieta, you’ll still have the Odd Stone in LOTF. This brings the question of whether it has some purpose in the game or is just a collectible for learning about Pieta’s story. Well, it turns out it does, and a Reddit user, u/ApocHarvester, found out about its use.

At any point in the game after getting the Odd Stone, make sure you have the two swords dropped after the boss fights with Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, and Elianne the Starved

The fight with Pieta happens at the Skyrest Bridge in the area past the Abandoned Redscope. This happens pretty early in the playthrough, which means you’ll be basically led to this boss fight. For Elianne, you need to get the Umbral ending to meet and battle her in Mother’s Lull. Get hold of both swords and make sure they are leveled up to +5.

Now, for the last step, have all three items with you, an odd Stone and both swords in either hand, and learn how to attack. To activate this particular attack, press buttons used for heavy attack and guard in Lords of the Fallen.

This will start the specific attack that is composed of blue and yellow lighting along with sword slashes according to the colors of both swords.

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