How To Defeat Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal In Lords Of The Fallen

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal is a tough boss in Lords of the Fallen with devastating attacks and lackeys she summons against you.

Lords of the Fallen is filled with difficult bosses, but none will give you as much trouble as Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal. Don’t fall for her name because she has a lot of high-damaging attacks up her sleeves. She hits hard and drains your health bar like it is a leaky faucet.

Pieta is also quite tanky, which adds more to your worries. But there is a way to defeat her if you go about it smartly. This guide will tell you more.

How to Beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen

lords of the fallen pieta strategy

To defeat her, you need to know what attacks can Pieta use against you in each phase so you can avoid them and counter them in Lords of the Fallen. She has 5 basic attacks, which she uses in both phases but she gains 3 more in Phase 2. 

Phase 1

pieta lords of the fallen

Pieta wields a massive 2 handed longsword she swings around like a lasso. She uses it to attack up close and then fires a beam of light in a straight line. This plan is how you are going to your mode of attack. 

  1. Her first attack pattern is a 2 set combo. She usually takes a brief break after she uses this attack. Wait for her to finish before attacking. 
  1. She will then use a sweeping attack when you get close to her; you can dodge this by rolling into her. 
  1. She will also use a straight-ranged attack in which she fires a light bolt. You can dodge this by either sprinting to the sides or dodging either way. 
  1. She will also use another ranged attack in which she calls for swords to fall from the sky. This is the easiest to dodge, and you must walk away from the affected areas.
  1. Lastly, she will use a leap attack to close her distance from you. 

To beat her first phase, you wait for her 2-set combo until she rests briefly. This will be your window to land in a few shots. But do not be greedy and retreat before she recovers. After this, she will use a swinging attack followed by a light beam. Play on the defensive and dodge them.

After that, she will summon the swords from the sky, which is your cue to return to her. Depending on the distance, she will use her jumping attack or her first 2 combo set attack pattern. Whatever it is, dodge the incoming attack and do some damage. Repeat this process until you drain her health bar to half. 


Phase 2 

pieta lords of the fallen phase 2

For her second Phase, Pieta will grow a pair of wings and some additional attack patterns in her arsenal. For her second phase, she uses the following additional attacks. 

  1. She can summon 2 specters that follow the attack pattern from the first phase. 
  1. She uses a grab attack, propels towards you, grabs you, and then damages you.
  1. Her specters are annoying, but the real danger will always be Pieta. Keep your eyes locked on her at all times. 

We will utilize a slow and steady approach to deal with her second phase. Wait and let her make the first move. She will use a combination of attacks, so it is best to be a medium distance away. She will make her way to you.

After does, prepare to either dodge or parry her 2-set combo attack, and then attack her to deal damage. She will get back and then do a grab attack pattern. This can be easily dodged as you see her coming from a distance. Keep dodging her until she gets in range of your attacks, parry, and then attack her. Keep repeating this and eventually, you will have beaten the first boss of Lords of the Fallen, Pieta She of the blessed renewal.

Rewards for beating Pieta, She of the Blessed Renewal 

pieta rewards

After defeating such a tough boss, a great price is absolutely necessary. And the developers of Lords of the Fallen sure know this. After you defeat Pieta, you will receive the following rewards 

  • A Vestige Seed 
  • 8 umbral scoring  
  • Umbral memory(Pieta’s) 

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