How To Get The Manastone Ring In Lords Of The Fallen

This Mana Regen Ring will help you a lot in spell casting.

The Manastone Ring in Lords of the Fallen can regenerate mana, and if you are aiming for spellblade builds, this ring can do wonders for you.

The best part about the Manastone Ring is that you can easily cast chain spells and take out powerful opponents. However, finding this Mana regen ring early in LOTF will require freeing a Tortured Prisoner. You will find all the details regarding the Manastone Ring and its location in this Guide.

Lords of the Fallen Manastone Ring Location

The location of the Fallen Manastone Ring can be discovered under the Skyrest area. Once you reach that area and solve the Umbral Puzzle, you can find an inferno catalyst called the Searing Accusation. After getting it, you can move toward the next step of finding the Tortured Prisoner.

Free the Tortured Prisoner

Once you locate the tortured prisoner in the Skyrest area, you can talk to her and hand over the Searing Accusation. This way, you will be able to free her. After this, rest and head outside Pieta’s boss’s room.

There, you will find the tortured prisoner. After some dialogue, you can access the Tortured Prisoner’s inventory in LOTF. The Manastone ring will not be there initially, so you must head over to the end of the Calrath Slums.

Defeat the Spurned Progeny

Upon reaching that place, you will have to engage in a boss fight with a large boss, Spurned Progeny. Given the size of this enemy boss, you will need to evade its slow attacks and then time your attacks to deal damage.


Eventually, you will be able to defeat this enemy boss. You will salvage some items, including the Giant Eyeball in Lords of the Fallen.

You must return this item, “Giant Eyeball,” to the Tortured Prisoner, who will now act as an Inferno Vendor. Once you give her this item, you will find that her location has changed. You will locate the Tortured Prisoner at the place where you previously engaged the Spurned Progeny in LOTF.

Find the Noblewoman’s Set

However, the Manastone Ring will still not be available in her inventory. You must complete one final step to buy this item from the Tortured Prisoner. This time, it will be to find the Noblewoman’s Set, which is located in the Calrath area. You can progress through the Calrath B area to find this specific set in Lords of the Fallen.

Meet with the Tortured Prisoner

Once you find the Noblewoman’s set, you can equip it and meet the Tortured Prisoner. This time, you can check her inventory and find the Manastone Ring listed for sale. You can pay her 3000 Vigors to buy the Manastone Ring in Lords of the Fallen.

Now that you have gotten the Mana regen Ring, you can use it in your spellblade builds and benefit immensely from that Mana regeneration in LOTF. This item will help you in boss fights and reinforce your builds as you progress in your playthrough.

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