How To Defeat The Spurned Progeny In Lords Of The Fallen 

The Spurned Progeny is a dangerous boss that can one shot you if you're not careful in Lords of the Fallen.

Spurned Progeny is one of the main story bosses in Lords of the Fallen. You will encounter this monstrosity while exploring the Upper Calrath Plaza after eliminating the Infernal Enchantress at the Burning Village. Many players are in trouble fighting this humongous boss due to his unique attack patterns and Inferno Sorceries.

However, he is one of the more enjoyable bosses to fight and somewhat easy to defeat once you get the gist of things. 

In this guide, we will explain the attacks and weaknesses of Spurned Progeny and the strategy to defeat this boss in Lords of the Fallen. 

Spurned Progeny Boss Location in Lords of the Fallen 

Spurned Progeny resides in the Upper Calrath Plaza, at the end of the Calrath Slums. He will be resting in a wide arena at the heart of the plaza and will block your way ahead. There is no way to progress in the storyline without encountering Spurned Progeny. 

Spurned Progeny Boss Attack Patterns  

This colossal creature has the body structure of a giant human, having slow but lethal attacks. He possesses quite a unique set of inferno spells on top of his physical abilities. 

Phase 1 

  • Fist Slam: One of the basic attacks in which the boss slams the ground in front with both fists. Staying close to the boss’s legs is the best defense you have against this attack. 
  • Ground Slam: If you are at the back of this giant, he sits down on the ground and attempts to squeeze you in the process. To avoid this, don’t stay too long under the boss’s shadow. Keep moving around. 
  • Claw attack: Occasionally, Spurned Progeny sweeps the area ahead with its claw, especially when you are facing him from the front side. This attack can be avoided by timely dodging and putting some distance with the boss.
  • Infernal Emission: Progeny will spew fire bits that become explosive lava on the ground. When you see the first emission, remain in the opposite direction until the effect ends from the ground. 

Phase 2 

When you down about a third of the Spurned Progeny’s health, he will puke loads of lava on the ground. When this happens, retreat to the upper floor. He also grows a third arm from his mouth that he will use in the second phase the most.


The attack set of the boss will change drastically, having only two ranged and one physical strike. 

  • Triple Explosion: The first attack from the boss will be a triple explosion. It comes exactly at your position no matter where the boss is looking, meaning you must be extra vigilant to avoid this one. When you see the first blow, start sprinting to the other platforms. This way, you will outrun the remaining two explosions. 
  • Nova: The boss unleashes a giant sun that deals radiant damage when you’re exposed to it. This can one-shot you no matter what you do. Look for the walls on the upper floor and hide behind them to avoid getting damaged.
  • Hand Slam: If you get too close to the boss, he will slam the platform with his hand and try to kill you. Stay on distant platforms away from the boss, and you will be fine.

Spurned Progeny Boss Fight Strategy 

Spurned Progeny fights you in two distinct phases; the first one on the lower floor and the second phase takes place on the upper floor. 

Phase 1 

spurned progeny phase 1 fight lords of the fallen

The fight starts with both of you on the lower floor of the arena. The boss has two large legs; one is a regular leg, while the other is imbued with lava. If you are playing with an Inferno build, you will probably deal more damage to the left leg. However, if you are doing anything other than fire damage, the right (fat) leg is the one you should focus on in your attacks. 

Keep running in the arena and circling the boss to avoid taking damage. The fist and ground slams are easy to predict and avoid once you have seen them for the first time. When the boss finishes his attacks, you will find a chance to strike back with your weapon on his legs and shave off bits of the enemy’s HP. 

Phase 2 

spurned progeny phase 2 fight lords of the fallen

This phase is especially lethal, in which most of the attacks have the potential to one-shot you on the spot. When you run to another platform, the boss will fire at least one ranged attack, such as the triple explosion, before you reach the other area. 
Between these ranged attacks from the boss, you will find ample time to launch counterstrikes. Go to the nearest platform from the boss whenever there’s an opportunity and shoot at him using spells, bows, or crossbows.

You can throw about six radiant bolts if you are a radiant build or about five fire bolts if you are an inferno build. The best sorceries that can help you in this fight are the Radiant Spells, allowing you to not only deal damage but also heal your character.  

If you are a physical build, poison the enemy with an item like the Forsaken Grenade. You can also use a handy bow like the Assassin’s Bow to help you reduce the boss’s health from afar. 

When the boss reaches the end of his HP, he will release a second nova attack. After this, the lava recedes from the ground, and then you can launch your final strikes on the enemy’s legs or keep shooting ranged attacks from the upper platforms. It will not use ranged strikes anymore after the second nova, so it is better to stay at range and finish things off in a couple of blows.  

Spurned Progeny Boss Rewards 

After successfully defeating Spurned Progeny, you will receive: 

  • 1x Vestige Seed 
  • 8x Umbral Scouring 
  • 1x Spurned Progeny Flesh 
  • 1x Giant Eyeball 

Additionally, you can get more Umbral Scouring and Spurned Progeny Remembrance by interacting with the umbral Stigma in the middle of the fighting ground. 

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