Lords Of The Fallen Best Armor Sets Ranked

The top-tier armor sets that can help you in your Gameplay.

Lords of the Fallen has various armor sets you can find, buy, or win after a battle. These armors provide defense from multiple types of attacks, making them useful in one way or another. Even though they all can be used, some are best at their chosen job. Here’s a list of all the armor sets we believe would work best for you.

10. Angel of The Void Armor Set

  • Physical: 319
  • Holy: 196
  • Fire: 191
  • Wither: 393

If you want medium armor and protection against everything, get the Angel of Void Armor set in Lords of the Fallen. You can get it early in the game, making it a good choice for defense. Angel of the Void set is best for resistance against fire and frost, so the armor is not a bad choice if the enemies specialize in either.

Apart from its use, the design is also unique. If you enjoy collecting special armor, this one could be for you. To find the Angel of the Void armor, you don’t need to fight anyone or buy it. Go to Forsaken Fen and find the path opposite to the Umbral Tumor.

This will take you on the path under the bridge. Take a right turn at the corner, and you’ll find the chest. Open it to get this armor.

9. Lightreaper’s Armor Set

  • Physical: 439
  • Holy: 89
  • Fire: 479
  • Wither: 233

If you want good protection and boost with less weight, the Lightreaper armor can be your match. This armor is best at defense against Fire, Wither, and Physical. Its resistance to magic is also quite good. Unfortunately, it falls short for Holy, which isn’t such a drawback when other stats are satisfactory.

As this is a Lightreaper set, you’ll need to defeat the Lightreaper boss at any location it spawns at. The locations are Defiled Sepulchre, Fitzroys Gorge, and Upper Calrath. After defeating, an umbral stigma will appear. Soulflay it and get the Remembrance of Lightreaper. Take this item to Molhu in Skyrest, and he’ll give you the Lightreaper armor set in exchange.


8. Fitzroy’s Armor Set

  • Physical: 563
  • Holy: 272
  • Fire: 279
  • Wither: 230

Even though you may be skeptical about Fitzroy’s Armor after knowing its weight, try it, as your perception may be wrong. It may seem like the consequence would be a burden, but it is a way of solidifying that this armor is best in defense. Coupled with the high resistance against poison and physical damage, it’s not a bad choice.

The location of Fitzroy Armour is accessible without any fights or puzzles. Look for a high tower in the later part of the Fitzroy’s Gorge area. You’ll find one near the courtyard. Climb it, and the armor set would be on top of the tower in Lords of the Fallen.

7. Elianne the Starved’s Set

  • Physical: 349
  • Holy: 207
  • Fire: 203
  • Wither: 471

For early-game armor, Elianne the Starved Set is the best at resistance against any physical damage. This armor can be a great option because there is a limited supply of weapons, and everyone relies on melee fights. It is not strong in any aspect, but due to its high defense against physical damage, you can depend a lot on it.

At Mother’s Lull, you’ll encounter a boss named Elianne, the Starved Boss. Kill her and Soulflay the stigma to get your hands on her remembrance. Take it to Molhu in Skyrest and exchange it with this armor set in Lords of the Fallen.

6. Pieta’s Set

  • Physical: 376
  • Holy: 462
  • Fire: 168
  • Wither: 243

Pieta’s armor is similar to Judge Cleric’s in defense against Holy and Physical damage. The difference lies in the weight, making PIeta’s armor more accessible and valuable for different builds. The defense stats aren’t high, but this is a good choice for early Gameplay.

You’ll need to defeat Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, for Pieta’s armor. After defeating, you’ll get the Remembrance. Take it to Molhu in Skyrest and get this bloody armor in exchange.

5. Judge Cleric’s Set

  • Physical: 446
  • Holy: 481
  • Fire: 149
  • Wither: 253

Judge Cleric’s Set is the best at providing defense against magic, especially Holy and Frost. Even though it is heavier than Pieta’s Set, the defense is much better, making it a bit better. If you want a Radiance build and go for a character dependent on magic, go for this armor.

Defeat Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel present in the Empyrean. Give the remembrance you get at the end of the battle to Molhu and obtain the armor.

4. Hallowed Knight Set

  • Physical: 323
  • Holy: 223
  • Fire: 223
  • Wither: 218

The starting gear for the Hallowed Knight class, this Set is a balanced armor with the stats all being fairly close to each other. It has moderate physical damage that is good enough for the start of the game. The weight is 56.7, which isn’t much compared to other heavy armors.

Additionally, its endurance helps quite a lot in withstanding all types of damage. As said before, you’ll get this armor if you choose Hallowed Knight. If not, you can buy this armor later in the game after defeating Pieta.

Find Stomund, the Captain of Fidelis in Skyrest, and you can buy it from him for just 4,800 Vigor. If you want to add a sword to this Set, you can buy it for 600 Vigor from him.

3. Cursed Armor Set

  • Physical: 560
  • Holy: 216
  • Fire: 209
  • Wither: 417

One of the top-tier armor, Cursed Armor, is cool-looking and provides excellent defense. If you are unsure what armor to use for your build, choose cursed Set, as this armor goes well with all Gameplay.

The location where you find it is so far in the game that until then, you’ll most likely know how to manage it with other items. You get this armor in Manse of Hallowed Brothers. After you get past the gatehouse, you’ll find a bone bridge in the Umbral realm.

Cross this bridge and climb up the stairs. On top of that, some enemies would be waiting for you. Defeat them and Soulflay the Umbral point. This will drop the Cursed Armor Set in Lords of the Fallen.

2. Tancred’s Set

  • Physical: 779
  • Holy: 164
  • Fire: 363
  • Wither: 258

With the highest defense against physical attacks, Tancred Armor is one of the best ones you can pick in Lords of the Fallen. Even though it excels in one category, the resistance against other forms is not too low for the player to consider other armor.

Apart from giving the best resistance, it is also quite heavy, making it a good option for tank build. This is not much of a problem as you get this armor after completing a good chunk of the game, making you capable of handling the weight issue.

To get the Tancred Armor, similar to the Lighreaper armor set, defeat the bosses called Tancred, Master of Castigations, and Reinhold the Immured and get their remembrance. Take this item to Molhu in Skyrest, and he’ll give you the armor set in exchange.

1. Sovereign Protector Set

  • Physical: 651
  • Holy: 291
  • Fire: 297
  • Wither: 248

This Set is a little lower on defense than the Tancred Set but also contributed to lowering the weight. These little tweaks make it an all-rounder and the best choice for your Lords of the Fallen gameplay. The armor looks fantastic and instantly gives your character a royal look.

The location of the Sovereign Protector armor Set is also relatively easy to find. In Sunless Skein, go through the tunnels. These tunnels are filled with enemies, so be prepared. Keep going here until you find random wooden objects like boxes and barrels. Break then, and between them, you’ll find a chest. Open it and get this whole armor.

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