How to defeat Lords of the Fallen Lightreaper

The Lightreaper is a tough boss to defeat in Lords of the Fallen due to his annoying dragon. But there is a strategy to defeat him.

The Lightreaper is a Colossal boss in Lords of the Fallen. You will encounter this boss three times during the game: The Defiled Sepulchre, Fitzroy’s Gorge, and the Outskirts of Bramis Castle. However, the game won’t let you defeat him until you meet him at the castle.

You will face off against him at the gorge, but he will escape before you can strike the killing blow. This guide will tell you how to defeat him in the game.

How to defeat the Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen?

What makes this fight challenging is the Lightreaper’s healing ability. You work hard to shave off his health, but he heals himself and gets back in the fight. To counter this, you must target the Umbral Entity located above the arena. This will allow you to weaken the Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen.

Phase # 1: Lightreaper boss fight

During the first stage of the fight, the Lightreaper will be mounted on his dragon. The mount spews out fire across the arena, which deals tremendous damage. The best way to dodge this attack is by moving away from the path where he drops the lava.

Once the boss has teleported back and forth a few times on his mount, he will land in the arena and start the fight on foot. The Lightreaper starts by firing a fire projectile in your direction. This is the initial attack that he performs. So, you need to keep a safe distance from him. He executes this attack twice before moving to the next attack.

You can attack him once he is done with his projectile attack. Use melee attacks instead of ranged ones. His weakness is his lower area. If you have any weapons that deal Smite or Poison damage, then use them against him since he is vulnerable to them.


He lunges at you and stabs you in the guts while slashing you with his other blade. You can see this attack as the boss jumps backward and charges up his blade to perform the stab.

You can easily move aside to avoid this attack. The boss will be open for an attack at this point, so the best option is to perform a slash attack on his lower body.

Phase#2: Lightreaper boss fight

The Lightreaper starts the second phase of this fight after the dragon spews fire breath to spread lava across the arena. You can easily avoid coming in contact with it by moving to the arena’s edges.

Once the boss has teleported a couple of times through the portal, the mount lands in the arena and dismounts the boss. Attack the boss at the front after he dismounts. This will deplete a good amount of his health. The boss will perform the spreading fire projectile attack, which you can dodge by keeping a safe distance from him.

The Umbral Entity above the arena is activated during this phase. Due to this, the boss will restore his health each time he deals damage. The good news is that the boss is still weak on his lower body so continue to target this area.

Once you have drained half of the boss’s health, he will perform a Fire AOE. You can avoid this attack but you will gain the Wither status effect. The boss will set his blades on fire, leap in the air while spinning, and drop to the ground.

This will allow you to start attacking him while he is in a crouched position. Do as much damage as possible before he stands up again. After dropping his health to the last part of the bar, you must now target his back. Dodge his attacks and move to his back to unleash hell on him. This will allow you to finish him off once for all.

Lords of the Fallen Lightreaper Rewards

After defeating the Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen, he drops the following items:

  • 1x Vestige Seed
  • 25x Umbral Scouring
  • 1x Lightreaper Flesh
  • 1x The Lightreaper’s Umbral Parasite

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