How To Upgrade Weapons In Lies Of P 

To make your weapons be able to defeat any enemies and bosses in Lies of P, you must upgrade them.

After facing a few of the tough bosses in the game, you will find that your weapons are not strong enough and need to be upgraded. Luckily, Lies of P offers an easy way to upgrade your weapons and modify their parts. With more powerful gear in your arsenal, you will be able to dish out more damage and finish annoying fights in a short period.  

That’s why we have provided in this guide a breakdown of all the procedures involved in upgrading your weapons in Lies of P.  

Upgrading Weapons in Lies of P explained 

To upgrade your weapons in Lies of P, you first need to finish the gameplay tutorial and eliminate the Parade Master. Once done, you can head to a merchant in Hotel Krat and upgrade your weapons. However, you still need to acquire a sufficient amount of Ergo and a few Moonstones to have the vendor do the task for you. 

Now, let’s learn how to get these two required things in the game. 

How to get Ergo  

Ergo is the main in-game currency and the game provides you with multiple ways to acquire it. You can get Ergo by killing enemies in your way. Also, you can find it in the shape of Ergo Fragments in different map areas during your exploration. Eliminating Bosses and mini-bosses is a good way to earn Ergo Fragments, which can be turned into Ergo as needed.

Finally, completing various missions also allows you to earn a decent amount of Ergo. When you try to upgrade your weapons for the first time, it will cost you 200 Ergo. As you keep upgrading, the cost continuously increases.


How to get Moonstones  

Finding Moonstones is a bit tougher than finding Ergo. There is no pre-defined place to acquire these stones. So, you will have to explore each map area carefully and search for them. One sure way to find Moonstones is to get them as a drop from dimensional butterflies. 

Once you have acquired both the materials required for upgrading weapons, head to Eugenie. She is a merchant found in Hotel Krat. You will recognize her by her glasses and scarf, sitting at her table in the east section of the hotel. 

Upon reaching her shop, start a dialogue and ask for the upgrades. After taking a suitable amount of Ergo and a Moonstone (or a couple of these), she will happily upgrade your weapons.  

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