Lies Of P Best Combat Style

Your Combat Style will effect how your character deals with any threat in Lies of P

Combat style is a self-explanatory term to define how you will perform during fights in Lies of P. You are given a choice to select a combat style soon after exiting the train at the Krat Central Station. With each style offering its own perks, it is quite hard to decide which will play along best with your character.

Therefore, your choice matters when selecting your Combat Style in Lies of P.

Combat Styles in Lies of P explained

Choosing the right Combat style is a priority in Lies of P. Your choice will also affect your character stats and the ending of your fights. Your performance during fights with the likes of the Eldest can surely play an important role when it comes to deciding if you are worthy enough to complete these missions.

You will choose your desired combat style after exiting the train at the Krat Station and collecting the weapon from the workbench. However, with little to no build-up or explanation as to what each style does. You are provided with three choices in total. Below, we have listed all of the combat styles to choose from in Lies of P:

  • Path of the Cricket
  • Path of the Bastard
  • Path of the Sweeper

Path of the Cricket

Path of the Cricket is a balanced combat style. If you choose this style, you will receive the Puppet Saber weapon. This weapon performs standard damage with its slash attack. Thus, making it one of the most flexible weapons to wield, especially if you are a beginner.

Path of the Bastard

Path of the Bastard is a sword that focuses heavily on your technique. It provides you with both speed and dexterity. Therefore, if you are a highly skilled swordsman, the Wintry Rapier weapon suits your combat style in Lies of P.


Path of the Sweeper

Path of the Sweeper provides you with the Greatsword of Fate. This weapon adds maximum strength to your combat style in Lies of P. With it, you will deal tremendous damage after attacking the enemy. You can even kill your enemies with a single blow using the Path of the Sweeper.

What is the best combat style in Lies of P?

While Path of the Cricket provides a balanced weapon, but it deals moderate damage. This damage does not go well during fights with enemies like the White Lady. On the other hand, the Path of the Sweeper, despite dealing maximum damage with its Greatsword, is too sluggish for a fast-paced fight. Thus, using it will only slow you down and reduce your stamina.

Therefore, I recommend choosing the Path of the Bastard as your initial combat style in Lies of P. Although it requires technicality and practice, it deals a good amount of damage. Plus, it is lightning-fast when dealing damage to the enemy using its Wintry Rapier weapon.

This weapon is a lightweight sword and can be carried almost anywhere without affecting your stamina. It is highly durable and can last longer in fights. It deals a lot of damage and possesses an amazing guard as well. Thus making it the best combat weapon for the best combat style.

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