LEGO: Jurassic World Amber Bricks Locations Guide

LEGO: Jurassic World amber bricks locations to help you find all Amber Bricks to unlock Bingo! Dino DNA! and The Legacy of John Hammond achievement or trophy.

There are a total of 13 Amber Bricks that you can collect in LEGO: Jurassic World. All of these Amber Bricks are collected from the game’s Story Mode and none from the Free Mode.

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LEGO: Jurassic World Amber Bricks Locations

There are a couple of Achievements/Trophies you can earn from collecting all Amber Bricks in the game:

  • Bingo! Dino DNA!
  • The Legacy of John Hammond

LEGO: Jurassic World Amber Bricks Locations

Following are the locations of all Amber Bricks that you can collect in LEGO: Jurassic World:

Movie #1 – Level 02: Welcome to Jurassic Park

Amber Brick #1
You need to complete the ‘Triceratops Recovery’ level to automatically earn this Amber Brick which contains the DNA for the Triceratops. You will receive it as soon as you exit the compound.

Movie #1 – Level 03: Park Shutdown

Amber Brick #2
After you come across the T-Rex, tag to Ian Malcolm and you will see a red area around the dinosaur’s mouth. You need to toss three flares at the dinosaur’s mouth to receive this Amber Brick and unlock the Dilophosaurus.


Movie #1 – Level 04: Restoring Power

Amber Brick #3
After opening the security gate, change to Dr. Sattler who is equipped with a flashlight. Just head down the first staircase and turn right to arrive in the Maintenance Shed. Inside you will find a pile of dinosaur dropping.

At this point, you need to change to Ellie and pull out an Amber Brick from the inside.

Movie #1 – Level 05: Visitor Center

Amber Brick #4
You need to head to the left-hand side of the Control Room to come across a vending machine glass. Once you arrive there, use Lex Murphy’s scream ability to shatter the glass and net an Amber Brick which unlocks Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Movie #2 – Level 06: Isla Sorna

Amber Brick #5
Once you come across the Stegosaurus in the clearing, you need to trick it into smashing a total of three objects located in the clearing; a couple of large grey boulders and a large log on the far right-hand side.

Once you’ve smashed all three objects, you will receive the Amber Brick which unlocks the Stegasaurus.

Movie #2 – Level 07: InGen Arrival

Amber Brick #6
You need to head inside the Mobile Lab and change to Eddie to jump onto the purple handhold blocks on the side of the area. You need to go through the window to find the Amber Brick lying on the driver’s seat which unlocks Apatosaurus.

Movie #2 – Level 08: The Hunted

Amber Brick #7
You will come across a total of five InGen Hunters being attacked by raptors. You can simply change to a character with a camera to scare off the raptors and save all five hunters to acquire the Amber Brick which unlocks the Parasaurolophus.

Movie #2 – Level 10: San Diego

Amber Brick #8
After fighting with the InGen thugs, change to Ian Malcolm and send him inside the open container (from which a number of thugs emerged). Once you head inside, keep on walking until you come across the Amber Brick at the far end which unlocks the Brachiosaurus.

Movie #3 – Level 13: Breeding Facility

Amber Brick #9
Once you are inside the Lobby, change to Amanda Kirby and jump on the desk followed by grappling to the bar above. Walk on the narrow ledge and find the Amber Brick at the end which unlocks the Troodon.

Movie #3 – Level 15: The Bird Cage

Amber Brick #10
After getting Billy on the walkway roof, head back to the start and float over the large gap. After this, climb the wall and reach the roof containing the Amber Block.

Movie #4 – Level 16: Jurassic World

Amber Brick #11
You need to switch to Supervisor Nick and use his scanner to lower the cage. After this, head inside the cage and find an Amber Brick inside.

Movie #4 – Level 17: Gyrosphere Valley

Amber Brick #12
During the chase sequence with Indominus Rex, the camera will swing behind the spheres. As soon as you see this happening, veer your Gyrosphere to the boys’ left-hand side and jump on a raised platform to automatically acquire an Amber Brick which unlocks Ankylosaurus.

Movie #4 – Level 19: Under Attack

Amber Brick #13
After the sequence where Zara uses the twirl poles to cross the electrical water and use her Agility ability to slide under Clothes’ Shop and find the Amber Brick inside.

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