LEGO: Jurassic World Red Bricks Locations Guide

You will find a total of 20 Red Bricks scattered across the four Hub Areas in LEGO: Jurassic World. These rare bricks are hard to come by in the game and are only located inside the Hub Areas.

Unlike other collectibles in the game, Red Bricks require some effort put into finding them. For more help on Lego Jurassic World, read our Photographs Locations, Workers in Peril Locations and Minikits Locations Guide.

LEGO: Jurassic World Red Bricks Locations

You will have to acquire certain Dinosaurs, solve vexing puzzles, and gain access to other inaccessible areas to find these rare items. Following is the location of all 20 Red Bricks that can be found inside the Hub Areas of LEGO: Jurassic World:

Hub Area – Jurassic Park

Visitors Center

Red Brick
You need to head to the gate at the backside of the Visitor Center and use a rifle-wielding character to shoot a blue target located on the left-hand side of the door. After that, switch to a character that can walk in darkness to enter the area to collect the Red Brick.

Dilophosaurus Territory

Red Brick
You need to break a cracked log using a dino and use a Dilophosaurus to spit on the large black rock. After that, water the spot to make a flower grow in the area containing a Red Brick on top of it.

Triceratops Territory

Red Brick
You need to reach the building right next to a sick Triceratops and break open the crates lying there. After that, assemble the pieces into a computer and switch to a computer hacker. Select the x-ray and select various components of the Triceratops until you acquire the Red Brick.


Herbivore Territory

Red Brick
This Red Brick is located in the area where you come across a trapped worker. You need to use a dino that can break cracked objects to smash a rock to reveal a hidden tunnel. After that, use a character that can walk in the darkness to head inside the tunnel and find the Red Brick.

Carnivore Territory

Red Brick
In order to find the Red Brick, you need to find three dinosaur eggs to earn the Red Brick. You can refer to the locations below for all the locations:

Egg 1 – cut the vines on the right-hand side of the area
Egg 2 – placed on a tree stump in the middle of the area
Egg 3 – hidden inside a large rock of amber

After finding all the eggs, take them back to the worker and he will reward you with a Red Brick in return.

Gallimimus Territory

Red Brick
You need to smash a crate near the yellow device and reassemble the pieces to create a raptor rail. As raptor, pull the rail and switch to a character to turn the lever on the side of the yellow device.

After that, switch to the raptor and release the rail. Keep on repeating the same process until you get the Red Brick.

Tyrannosaurus Territory

Red Brick
You simply need to use a strong large dinosaur to rip apart the cage and find the Red Brick lying inside.

Hub Area – Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Stegosaurus Territory

Red Brick
You need to smash five different cracked walls to find this Red Brick. Do note that you will have a timer to smash all the walls. Lastly, it is better to use a strong dinosaur for the purpose and keep on spamming the attack button.

Hunting Plains

Red Brick
You need to use the Gyrosphere fling pad to break tech and reveal Amber. After that, use a dinosaur with the roar ability and use it on the Amber to reveal a Red Brick.

Long Grass

Red Brick
You simply need to switch to a raptor and follow the scent scattered around the area to find the hidden Red Brick.

Hub Area – Isla Sorna

Spinosaurus Territory

Red Brick
First off, you need to spawn a Compsognathus and find some openings in the logs. Break through the openings and make your way through a small maze to find the Red Brick located near the end.

Ankylosaurus Territory

Red Brick
Just as you enter the area, head right to find a big nest neatly hidden on a narrow terrace. You need to deliver three lost eggs to receive the Red Brick in return.

One egg is located at the base of a tree near the nest, one is behind some vines near the sick dinosaur, and the last one is located on the narrow terrace across the nest.

Isla Sorna Aviary

Red Brick
You need to fly a Pteranodon across the Aviary to the three-level mesh corridor and pull the switch to lower the lift to one level. Once you are down, switch to the baby Pteranodon and head left and drop to the second level.

Once you arrive at the second level, keep moving toward the left side to drop to third level. After arriving at the third level, move toward the right-hand side and switch to adult Pteranodon once again.

Pull the switch to lower the lift, switch to baby Pteranodon, and find the Red Brick on the far right-hand side.

Hub Area – Jurassic World

East Boardwalk

Red Brick
You need to head over to the Pachy Arena and use a raptor to release the dino switch and reveal a black LEGO target. After that, change to a Dilophosaurus and spit at the eight targets within the time limit to earn a Red Brick.

West Boardwalk

Red Brick
As T-Rex, smash the dino-strength boulder and gain access to the rock platforms under the left-hand side tower. After that, change into a human character and reach the spiky green plant.

Smash the plant and reassemble it into a bounce pad. Scale the tower to find the Red Brick at the top.

Mosasaurus Arena

Red Brick
You need to use a dinosaur with roar ability to smash all three Amber rocks inside the tank to find the Red Brick as a reward.

Gyrosphere Valley

Red Brick
You need to use a Dilophosaurus to spit goo at the black LEGO block on the terrace with the Amber wall which will reveal the Red Brick. In order to acquire the Red Brick, you will have to use a dinosaur with roar ability to break the terrace wall and acquire the desired item.

Safari Plains

Red Brick
Start the race located in the large clearing and you will finish near a shack. You need to climb to the roof and find a Red Brick there.

Isla Nublar Aviary

Red Brick
You need to acquire a Pteranodon and fly to the Dino Switch on the ground right next to the white/blue platform, on the right-hand side of the Observation Deck. Raise the platform to reveal another switch and complete the puzzle within 01:30 timer to find the Red Brick in the end.

Indominus Territory

Red Brick
You need to get yourself an Indominus Rex and use it camouflage ability to hide yourself while moving through the security gate. Once you are on the other side, use the dinosaur’s roar ability to shatter all three Amber blocks and chew the cage to find the Red Brick inside.

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