Law of Causality Location In Elden Ring

You can get Law of Causality Incantation from Roundtable Hold after defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood in Mohgwyn Palace from Gideon Ofnir.

Law of Causality is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Using this incantation will allow you to automatically counter-attack and prevent you from getting hit by the enemy multiple times. This Incantation can come in handy against enemies and foes who attack in quick succession.

Our guide will help you acquire the Law of Causality in Elden Ring, its effects, and how to use it.

Where to get the Law of Causality in Elden Ring

To get the Law of Causality in Elden Ring, you have to first defeat the Mohg, Lord of Blood in Mohgwyn Palace. After defeating him, you have to travel to the Roundtable Hold. There you have to talk to Gideon Ofnir.

Tell Gideon Ofnir about the Lord of Blood’s cocoon. After hearing this intelligence, he will be pleased and will give you the Law of Causality.

law of causality location elden ring

If for some reason you don’t receive the law of Causality from Gideon Ofnir, then you can acquire it by purchasing it from the Merchant at the Twin Maiden Husk in Roundtable Hold. But first, you have to defeat the Maliketh, the Black Blade at the Great Bridge Site of Grace.

What does the Law of Causality do in Elden Ring?

The Law of Causality Incantation is a spell of the Golden Order Category. Using this Incantation will prevent you from being attacked by the enemy multiple times by automatically counter-attacking them.

Its effect will take place immediately after you receive 5 hits from the enemy.

This spell is purely intelligence based and you need a build with at least 29 Intelligence and 0 Faith. If you have Faith, it must be less than 10.

Its effect will last up to 120 seconds.

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