Konami Announces Another Castlevania, It’s a Lords of Shadow Based Pachinko

It’s been a while since Konami has ruined its reputation with gamers further, and it seems like the company will be making up for lost time with the announcement of a new Castlevania pachinko game.

Pachinko, a slot-machine like game that’s wildly popular in Japanese card games, is one of Konami’s big earners.

The announcement hearkens back to the rash of rage-inducing announcements from Konami about games like Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Metal Gear Solid all getting pachinko games.

Hot on the heels of the cancellation of Silent Hills and the firing of Hideo Kojima and the release of an unfinished Metal Gear Solid 5, Konami is now, in the wider world, one of the most hated companies in the gaming world.

The Castlevania pachinko game is based on the Lords of Shadow game, which came out in 2010. Konami has already released a trailer for it, though it’s not going well. The trailer’s dislikes far outnumber its likes, and it seems like Konami would still be better off keeping its pachinko games exclusive to Japan.

An animated series based on Castlevania will be coming to Netflix sometime this year, but both it and a pachinko game could be seen as a poor substitute by many for an actual Castlevania game.

However, Konami being Konami, it seems that the company will keep with simple gambling versions for the forseeable future.

While there are various other Castlevania-like games coming out from people that aren’t from Konami, it would appear that with the announcement of the new Castlevania pachinko that Konami is done with its older Triple-A series.

So, if you’ve harbored any sort of hope that Konami’s madness and poor treatment of its employees and properties is only a temporary bit of madness, this is likely to come as an unpleasant surprise. To see the trailer for the new “game”, you can look further up the article.

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