Konami Profits Soar Thanks To Pachinko And Restructuring

Konami profits have actually been going up thanks to a number of decisions made by the company including new games, arcade profits, and restructuring

Konami profits are apparently soaring, according to a recent financial report by the company. The company owes this success to the popularity of its arcade games back in Japan, where pachinko and a variety of other games have boosted the company’s income to nearly 170 million euros over the course of 2016.

Back in 2015, you wouldn’t meet a gamer that wouldn’t have wanted Konami to crash and burn after not only firing Hideo Kojima, treating his staff extremely poorly, and releasing Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain unfinished, but also cancelling Silent Hills, a highly promising Silent Hill game developed by Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro.

However, it seems that sometimes karma doesn’t catch up to people, if Konami has actually boosted its profits this time around, rather than continuing to fall.

While the company might be finished in the Western Triple-A market and among Japanese gamers that are familiar with what the company did to Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear, and Silent Hills, there are still millions of other Japanese people that are more than willing to play the various pachinko versions of games that Konami owns.

Konami profits have therefore increased to around 229.8 percent of what they were in a similar period the previous year, not just because of pachinko and other games but also due to a period of restructuring, where two of its divisions were merged together to create the company’s Amusement Business division.

Numerous mobile games have also shown a reason for the increase in Konami profits, including games like Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, released worldwide, and Jikkyou Powerful Soccer, which is now one of the most-played games in Japan, so it seems like Konami still has a ways to go before it commits anything like what it did with Kojima that could actually bring the company down, especially with Japan’s very work-heavy culture.

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