Netflix Announces Castlevania Animated Series, Coming This Year

Netflix quietly announced Castlevania animated series and its first episode will come out this year. According the description at Netflix about the upcoming Castlevania animated series, the focus will be on game franchise’s Belmont clan.

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However, no specific date for the first episode is revealed as of yet. But, Netflix’s website revealed the series as four-part season and each episode will run for 30 minutes straight. Further details mentioned by Netflix tell that the series will be based on Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse.

The roadmap for the animated series is listed for season one at Netflix website, but, the producer Adi Shankar shed some light on the season two. He said season one will come this year and that a second season will come out in 2018. Shankar is executive producer alongside Ellis, Kevin Kolde, and Fred Seibert. While Seibert’s Frderator Studios is behind the animation.

Producer Adi Shankar further said that:

This is very much Castlevania done in the vein of Game of Thrones. This is going to be the best video game adaptation we’ve to date

The producer in interview kept on praising the upcoming animated series adaptation. Adi Shankar is best known for fantastic portrayal of ‘super-violence’ in his works. His best works includes Dredd, The Grey, Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Young Justice.

We look forward to see how far the violence portrayal goes in Castlevania animated series by Netflix. The series surely has just right producer it needs. Regarding violence in the series Adi Shankar said in an interview that:

[The series is] going to be R-rated as f***

What do you think about the announcement? Will Adi Shankar portray the true sense a Castlevania series deserves? Stay tuned to know more about Castlevania animated series by Netflix.

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